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Apr 14, 11

"In the tablet world right now, there’s the iPad and then there’s everyone else. Sorry, Xoom, despite your hype, you just don’t cut it yet. But a new challenger is just about to take the stage and it comes from a somewhat unlikely player: RIM."

Mar 25, 11

In the great mobile-device wars, Google (GOOG) has portrayed itself as the open-source crusader doing battle against the leaders in proprietary software—Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT), and Research In Motion (RIM:CN).

Mar 25, 11

Apple’s iPad is just one year old, and more than 15 million customers have voted with their wallets. The tablet is officially mainstream.

Mar 24, 11

This morning at CTIA 2011, Samsung brought us a revised Galaxy Tab 10.1″ that has beat out the iPad 2 in its thinness and light weight specs. This of course brings to question how long does your tech stay current these days?

Mar 23, 11

Today, RIM began taking advance orders on its new tablet. The first Playbook will connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and, at $499, will compete on price with the iPad.

Jan 27, 11

Tablet application developers can rejoice now that Google has released its software development kit for Android 3.0, the new edition of the platform designed specifically for tablets.

Jan 05, 11

"At the CES 2011 conference, Asus showcased its new Android Tablets . The interesting part is that the newly launched Android tablets features a physical keyboard."

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