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Apr 19, 11

"This winter, the Internet passed a major milestone in its twenty-year-old wunderkind evolution from a small, experimental research network to one of the technical foundations of modern society. In a brief Miami hotel conference room ceremony, ICANN allocated the last five IPv4 address blocks on February 3 — the long anticipated endgame towards eventual Internet address space exhaustion was officially underway [1]."

Apr 06, 11

"As anyone who has watched the reimagined Battlestar Galactica will tell you, Sixes are trouble. They are undoubtedly alluring, but all the while they are working covertly, following The Plan, right under the noses of their targets. Nobody realizes the true nature of the threat until it’s too late."

Feb 23, 11

Welcome to the Hurricane Electric IPv6 Certification Project. This tool will allow you to certify your ability to configure IPv6, and to validate your IPv6 servers configuration.

Feb 19, 11

First Meeting of IPv6 Council Location:UCL Campus of Woluwe-St-Lambert Date: 16 of February 2011.

Feb 07, 11

Despite a large penetration of the Internet in Belgium, measurements performed within the the IPv6 Council of Belgium, a non-profit non-Governmental organization, indicate that Belgium is behind many other countries for the IPv6 Internet.

Feb 07, 11

Recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology

Feb 04, 11

With everyone talking about the pressing need to switch from IPv4 to IPv6, few people ask what should be an obvious question: what about IPv5?

Feb 04, 11

Montevideo, 3 February 2011 – The Number Resource Organization (NRO) announced today that the free pool of available IPv4 addresses is now fully depleted.

Jan 26, 11

The Day The Routers Died... a song performed by the secret-wg in the closing plenary of the RIPE 55 conference

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