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Apr 14, 11

"In the tablet world right now, there’s the iPad and then there’s everyone else. Sorry, Xoom, despite your hype, you just don’t cut it yet. But a new challenger is just about to take the stage and it comes from a somewhat unlikely player: RIM."

Apr 12, 11

"I can't be the only nostalgic nerd to feel a flutter of excitement at the news that a home computer from yesteryear is making a comeback."

Mar 29, 11

Some users, when flashing new ROMs, have noticed that their battery life goes down a little bit. With just a simple wipe of the battery stats file, though, you can get your battery back up and running to its full capacity.

Mar 17, 11

When your computer is running a little bit slowly, how can you tell if getting more memory will help you? Here is a simple way to check whether all the RAM you have in your mac is being used. It works for any macintosh running OS X – G4, G5 or intel macs.

Mar 09, 11

he reasons that Android phones are either slow to get system updates, or fail to get them entirely are pretty clear. The process of getting an update ready to push to a handset is decidedly non-trivial

Mar 01, 11

Apple last week introduced a new line of MacBook Pros. Chief among the improvements was the introduction of Thunderbolt, the name Apple bestowed upon Intel’s Light Peak transfer technology that can impressively transfer data at 10 Gbps both up and down.

Jan 27, 11

Tablet application developers can rejoice now that Google has released its software development kit for Android 3.0, the new edition of the platform designed specifically for tablets.

Jan 05, 11

"In a recent blog comment one of you asked about TaoSecurity lab. This is a collection of my own gear -- nothing associated with my corporate employer. I decided to post the diagram at left in case someone found it useful. "

Jan 04, 11

"We have done many List’s of before this post. To name a few – List of FREE VPN Providers!, List of Cell Phone Forensic tools! and List of TOP LiveCD’s for Penetration Testers!. But, nothing like the one we are doing today."

Jan 03, 11

"Today's a company holiday (odd, but ok), so I figured what better way to start the New Year than to see if my Commodore 64 still works? I bought it in mid-1986, so it's almost 25 years old, and it's been over seven years since I posted My C-64 Rides Again. Since then the monitor I used with my C-64 died, but my dad shipped me his old RBG monitor."

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