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Apr 13, 11

"Cloud computing has quickly evolved from a hot industry buzz word into a multi-billion dollar emerging market, with all the big names striving to grab a piece of the pie. Amazon, with its Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2), is arguably the dominant leader of the cloud services market."

Apr 04, 11

"RSA has provided more information on the high-profile attack against systems behind the EMC division's flagship SecurID two factor authentication product."

Mar 21, 11

The world's biggest maker of data storage computers on Thursday said that its security division has been hacked, and that the intruders compromised a widely used technology for preventing computer break-ins.

Feb 28, 11

For as much as Mac OS X has a reputation for being safer than Windows, security researchers won’t hesitate to point out that the opposite is, in fact, true. Indeed, the primary reason why the Mac has been relatively immune from security threats often found on Windows is because the Mac’s relatively paltry market share makes it an unattractive target for malicious hackers.

Feb 04, 11

If you are follow the Google Android operating system scene, you will probably have heard about the new, web based Android Market store which was launched a few days ago.

Feb 01, 11

Getting to ShmooCon each year is always challenging (as is trying to get home). Mother Nature seems to enjoy disrupting the travel to and from the conference, which is held in Washington, D.C in January or February of each year. Despite the weather issues, I've always found it to be a conference worth attending.

Jan 28, 11

As we mentioned yesterday, we have discovered that was attacked and several servers were compromised.

Jan 18, 11

Some people asked me for a simple way to check shell extensions for their ASLR support. You can do this with Process Explorer.

Jan 18, 11

Every year the Web security community produces a stunning amount of new hacking techniques published in various white papers, blog posts, magazine articles, mailing list emails, etc. Within the thousands of pages are the latest ways to attack websites, Web browsers, Web proxies, and so on. Beyond individual vulnerability instances with CVE numbers or system compromises, we're talking about actual new and creative methods of Web-based attack.

Dec 28, 10

"The vulnerability occurs when the FTP server attempts to encode Telnet IAC (Interpret As Command) character in the FTP response. "

Dec 27, 10

"From a computer virus named for a stripper to swarming botnet attacks on the Pentagon and Microsoft, The Daily Beast lists the 10 most infamous hacks, worms, and DDoS takedowns in the last 25 years."

Dec 26, 10

"Last week I presented my research about “Adding ASLR to jailbroken iPhones” at the Power of Community 2010 (POC2010) security conference in Seoul. During my talk I explained how one can use a modified ‘rebase’ utility to rebase the dynamic linker dyld on the iPhone. Rebasing dyld is important because it contains enough code gadgets that can be used to kickstart arbitrary shellcode on jailbroken iPhones. A tool called Antid0te will be released until the end of this year that allows normal users to add ASLR to their iPhones."

Dec 25, 10

"There’s nothing like having your butt kicked Christmas morning, which is exactly what happened to us today. We were owned and exposed, in true fashion."

Dec 25, 10

"Exploit code for the vulnerability has been added to the Metasploit tool and a video has been posted to provide a demo of the severity."

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