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Grzegorz Wierzowiecki

Grzegorz Wierzowiecki's Public Library

May 01, 16

"OK, so if you want to change it, open your ppd file, search for "ImageableArea", find the paper size you want, and set the margins. The line will look something like:

*ImageableArea Letter/US Letter:        "18 36 594 756"

The columns correspond to [Left Top Right Bottom] margins (starting from the top and left of the page).

The numbers are 1/72nd of an inch, so 18/72nds of an inch is (do the math)....0.25 inches. Half an inch is a bit big for the top and bottom margins, so we'll set the top (second number) to 18, and the bottom (fourth number) to 774 (11x72=792-18=774). Obviously, you'll have to do the math for your choice combination of page size and margin size.

May 01, 16

mkdir -p $TMPDIR
ripmime -i $MESSAGE_FILE -d $TMPDIR
for i in ${METAMAIL_TMPDIR}/*.dymo.png; do
lpr -PDymo -o PageSize=w167h288 -o landscape -o page-left=0 -o page-top=0 -o page-right=0 -o page-bottom=26 -o orientation-requested=5 -o scaling=100

May 01, 16

"to print a document in a 10x10cm area (your paper size) you will do:

lp -o media=Custom.10x10cm <your_filename_here>"

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