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Feb 01, 16


A modern CSS framework based on Flexbox"

Jan 27, 16

"voxel.css makes 3D rendering easy"

Jan 21, 16

"An introduction to developing custom theme settings, including best practices and pitfalls to avoid.
Useful examples of where custom theme settings can help provide site builders with site-wide style treatment options.
How you can make use of custom theme settings for providing localization options.
What’s new in D8 for advanced theme settings."

Jan 21, 16

"Leveling up CSS with SMACSS and BEM" that explores:
Using SMACSS and BEM with Drupal
Lessons learned (the hard way)
Theme architecture
Refactoring current or inherited projects to be less awful"

Jan 13, 16

"The easiest way to create resolution independent social icons."

Dec 08, 15

"Typeface Inspiration"

Dec 02, 15

"A master artist will hand paint an oil painting from your photo. Photo to painting and portrait painting starting at $49 and delivered in 3 weeks."

Nov 12, 15

"MKG Sammlung Online macht die Objekte des Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg erstmals auf einer digitalen Plattform öffentlich zugänglich. "

Oct 29, 15

"How Changing a Button Increased a Site’s Annual Revenues by $300 Million"

Oct 26, 15

"Get feedback, directly from your website

The Usersnap feedback widget adds in-page reporting to your web site and web project.

The feedback widget from Usersnap allows you to ask your users if something needs to be clarified.

Click on the button to send a bug report or give website feedback with an attached screenshot. No plugins required. Come on, try it here!"

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