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Jayne Davidson

Jayne Davidson's Public Library

Jul 18, 16

"@fayhield: THE RAGGLE TAGGLE TOUR - OCT 2016" Just booked for Oct. looking forward to it.

Jun 10, 16

Learn how to verify an image in 7 minutes. Find photographs and uncover their backstories:

Jun 08, 16

So saddened to hear about the death of Dave Swarbick yesterday - Swarb was a true legend and great musician.

May 15, 16

Missed this at the time but the first 3mins of this just melted me :)

May 09, 16

#NowPlaying #Sargasso by John Ward & band. Brand new album, absolutely wonderful. ♫

May 09, 16

'Don’t ever take musicians for granted. Find them, treasure them, love them and lose your cool over them'#Bellowhead

May 08, 16

LIVE REVIEW @similtiades went to see @Bellowhead at their final show! Read more via the link

Apr 29, 16

David Bergmans social history shows how the works of a number of authors authors reflected, advanced, and criticized the values, principles, and prejudices of the culture of gay liberation. In spinning many of the most important stories gay men told of themselves in the short period between the 1969 Stonewall Riots and the devastation of the AIDS epidemic during the 1980s, the Violet Quill exerted an enormous influence on gay culture. The death toll of the AIDS epidemic,

Apr 26, 16

Education pack from Pittsburgh Public Theatre for production of TheTempest

Apr 26, 16

In his portrayal of Prospero's 'art', Shakespeare seems to draw parallels between theatre and magic. Emma Smith explores these, but questions the idea that the magus is a self-portrait of the playwright.

Aug 28, 15

The Power of Asking the Right Questions: by @georgiak2155.

Aug 16, 15

Editorial: It used to be a Cinderella subject. Now, in a world that increasingly values people who can work across the physical and social sciences, geography’s all the rage

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