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06 Sep 13

Woooh....What a great resource for teaching digital safety / literacy! ... (MattGeog)

05 Jun 13

The Journal of Exercise Physiologyonline, published by the American Society of Exercise Physiologists, is a professional peer reviewed Internet-based journal devoted to original research in exercise physiology. All articles and content are open access.

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03 Apr 13

Interesting intro RT @web20classroom: Teacher's Guide To Wikipedia: #elearning #edchat

03 Apr 13

Great For The Evernote Newbie-Getting Started With Evernote:

01 Mar 13

GirlyGeekdom is a fun location where geek girls and boys write about anything that captures their geeky imaginations.

in list: WHHS ICT

01 Mar 13

Life stories of American presidents  with primary source material and video

in list: WHHS History

21 Nov 12

“A library doesn't deal in books or artefacts, it deals in thoughts and ideas.” - Phil Bradley en Phil Bradle…

14 Nov 12

The 100 Best Video Sites For Educators

09 Nov 12

Instagram is no longer just mobile! Check out our photos, now online:

08 Nov 12

15 Free Learning Sites You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

30 Oct 12

I've posted a brief update to my recent blog on gendered children's book packaging with links to some good articles.

20 Oct 12

I'm excited to say that you can watch the brilliant @neilhimself & 11 other people (including me) read CORALINE here:


    First Men on the Moon

     By J. Patrick Lewis b.  1942  

    "The Eagle has landed!" —Apollo II Commander Neil A.  Armstrong
    "A magnificent desolation!" — Air Force Colonel Edwin E. "Buzz"  Aldrin, Jr.
    July 20, 1969

    That afternoon in  mid-July,
    Two pilgrims watched from  distant space
    The moon ballooning in the  sky.
    They rose to meet it  face-to-face.

    Their spidery spaceship,  Eagle, dropped
    Down gently on the lunar sand.  
    And when the module's engines  stopped,
    Rapt silence fell across the  land.

    The first man down the ladder,  Neil,
    Spoke words that we remember  now—
    “One small step...” It made us  feel
    As if we were there too,  somehow.

    When Neil planted the flag and  Buzz
    Collected lunar rocks and  dust,
    They hopped like kangaroos  because
    Of gravity. Or  wanderlust?

    A quarter million miles away,  
    One small blue planet watched  in awe.
    And no one who was there that  day
    Will soon forget the sight  they saw.
29 Sep 12

This week's free-bee is Free Rice, a quiz site for students that helps fight world hunger with every correct answer!

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