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about 7 hours ago

"Since Six-Word Memoirs debuted as a project of Smith Magazine more than 700,000 short stories have been shared on Six- WordMemoirs websites. In classrooms and boardrooms, churches and synagogues, veterans' groups and across the dinner table, Six- Word Memoirs have become a powerful tool to catalyze conversation, spark imagination or break the ice."

Apr 14, 15

"Technology makes it possible to pace lessons appropriately for each student’s learning level and can be used to promote learning in the multiple intelligences.
Below you will find website suggestions that address the different learning styles in your classroom with the help of technology:
Verbal-Linguistic" ...

Mar 15, 15

"explore the role of sharing, not just setting, success criteria, and the scope for adjusting those criteria upwards as students progress in a project."

Mar 15, 15

"Purdue Online Engineering Masters
Professionals choose to return to graduate school for career and skill advancement, and students choose our graduate degrees in Engineering so they can advance their careers online, on their schedule. Purdue is a leader in online instruction and has a strong history working with engineers through distance education. "

Mar 15, 15

"creative and critical thinking strategies from there to schools around the world. The Lab is designed to share actionable innovations "

Mar 14, 15

"it’s about learning and this is still the are where Apple leads in tech. Education needs it easy and the iPad just works!"

Mar 06, 15

"Incidental learning is the learning happens by chance in connection with something else. In this app, kids will be creating alphabet characters, but during the process of creating the characters, they will have lots of opportunities to hear the sound of the letters, thus learn the letter sound unconsciously. This is one of the best approaches for teaching toddlers and preschool kids."

Feb 27, 15

A wide variety of standards-aligned lessons and resources that are easy to create, store, integrate, and share.
Manage devices and your class, report on all activity, and keep students safe and on-task as they learn.
Connect with a community of teachers and learners to share, collaborate, engage, and learn.
Pull together everything from text to videos, photos, and schoolwork to create ePortfolios and lessons while still allowing the flexibility of personalized learning. "

Feb 27, 15

"Making the most of the mobile revolution - Many of the key issues identified for great pedagogy in the 21st century revolve around the use of connected, collaborative and mobile communications, both locally and across the globe.

Feb 27, 15

zest, grit, self-control, social intelligence, gratitude, optimism and curiosity.

Feb 27, 15

"creative process can be broken down into four distinct processes, most of which can be fostered and augmented. The processes are:


Feb 26, 15

"amazing collections of pins. Not sure where to start? Check out some of these great ideas on how teachers can use Pinterest."

Feb 26, 15

"Learn the basics of how planes fly, the components of a plane, and how to prepare for a flight.
Aviation and Aerospace Engineering workshops in the hangar.
Discovery flights will be offered on a limited basis. Priority to girls 14-17 years old."

Feb 25, 15

"movie explaining geometric concepts. We used Explain Everything, Google Images, Geoboard and PicCollage "

Feb 07, 15

Be sure to click on " See some examples " to see the attached examples

Feb 06, 15

" find an effective and engaging digital game to bring into a classroom. There is no ubiquitous model to follow. "

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