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22 Apr 14

" "What engages students?" Sure, I could respond, sharing anecdotes about what I believed to be engaging, but I thought it would be so much better to lob that question to my own eighth graders. The responses I received from all 220 of them seemed to fall under 10 categories,"

22 Apr 14

"8 things I'd like to change in schools
I'd like to see fewer walls. I think walls are limiting and confining and make it way too easy for silos to form. Information is stymied and doesn't flow well when walls prevent the information transfer. When we tear down walls, a whole new world becomes possible."

20 Apr 14

Reasons and Evidence:
Viewpoints and Perspectives:
Implications and Consequences:
Questions about Questions:

19 Apr 14

"students will learn the engineering design process used by practicing engineers. Specific topics in this course will include structural integrity with egg contraptions, chair and bridge building projects, engineering ethics, heat transfer and home heating, energy transmission, and alternative energy research with specific case studies in solar and fuel cell cars. This course will assist students to develop an array of specific skills including: applying the engineering design process to a specific problem; working effectively and collaboratively with other members of the class; demonstrating originality and inventiveness in your work; reflecting critically in order to improve creative efforts in problem solving; and viewing success as a cyclical process."

16 Apr 14

Tony Bates - "Open and distance education are honourable fields of endeavour, aimed at widening access. Online learning is an exciting field, constantly under development, and has huge potential for both increasing the quality of teaching and the productivity of higher education."

08 Apr 14

" success of their PBL approach is largely attributable to the fact that their process is designed to stimulate student inquiry. Additionally, their process can be applied to any project in any subject, which means there is a consistent approach across grades and subjects"

08 Apr 14

" essential to motivate whole generations of young people to delight in the development of their intellectual powers, as it is to create an adult society that is able — and willing — to devote quite enormous amounts of its energy to the slow, fascinating, if sometimes frustrating but totally essential, task of inducting all its young people into adulthood,"

01 Apr 14

"Crows are far more rational than we had realized. New research shows that wild New Caledonian crows can compete with 7-year-old children when it comes to understanding causality, or how one action causes another. "

18 Mar 14

"what learning and development actually require, what can be provided help people with means and motivation, and what specific interventions are required to provide broad equality of opportunity."

13 Mar 14

"Shuttleworth funded project we are going to create an openly licensed, high quality, highly scalable version of this functionality. What we’re calling the “Candela” platform will make OER easily usable in all LMSs (as well as environments supporting other learning world views, like PLE tools) that support LTI.

We’re building the Candela platform on top of WordPress,"

06 Mar 14

"This makes a strong argument for frequent assessment, as it can be too easy to over-react and “remediate” students who may be banging against the limits of the assessment’s design rather than their own understanding. Rather than re-teaching, sometimes all that is necessary is re-measuring."

27 Feb 14

""Our MOOCs are a human experience. This is not a book. It's not a self-directed course. It has a beginning, middle and an end, and it is led by an instructor. These aren't college classes. It's a workshop and a community. We don't expect that everyone who comes will do it. We don't mind if you come, watch a video and go." -- Rosental Alves"

16 Feb 14

"must have apps for any student beyond the primary level. "

06 Feb 14

"Continually improving our students ability to read, write and add up is important, but so is their ability to sing and dance and play and paint and draw. We need well rounded students who enjoy learning, who discover what it means to be truly literate, not just with words and numbers but in all senses of the word.

Make no mistake, no matter how you look at it, going “back to basics” is still going backwards."

17 Nov 12

Analysis questions are critically important as students will be called upon to figure things out and demonstrate inferential reasoning on increasingly difficult tests. Instead of finding answers, students must make answers, putting clues together to solve a mystery or build a case.

17 Nov 12

"second graders would have a hard time reading "Communication and Collaboration". The following could be used as Student friendly equivalents" make, share, find, solve, protect, use

24 Sep 13

"Where do you go if you want to get better at your web skills? How do you even know what's important to learn? The Web Literacy Standard comprises a map of competencies and skills that Mozilla and our community of stakeholders believe are important to pay attention to when getting better at reading, writing and participating on the web. The Web Literacy Standard is part of Mozilla’s ongoing goal to create a generation of webmakers – those who can not only elegantly consume but also write and participate on the web"

02 Jan 14

"How do you get and keep students’ attention today in our endless world of gadgetry?” The answer: You have to be the most interesting channel. Games can be that interesting channel, and help create students who love to learn."

27 Dec 13

"For excellent strategies to involve your students take a look at Silvia Tolisano's posting: Students Becoming Curators of Information."

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