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Vivian Paganuzzi

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Feb 03, 16

"Dhampus Trek Itinerary - 2days

Day 1: Drive Pokhara ( 1350 m ) to trek start point. Trek to Dhampus for 3 hours. Realx and enjoy the scenery, walk around the village. Overnight in a family run inn.

Day 2: Early morning watching sunrise on the Himalayas. Take leisurely breakfast , trek to Phedi and drive back to Pokhara around midday . "

  • the myth at the very heart of American life – that capitalism improves the quality of life for everyone.
  • there is no reason to believe that capitalism can ever solve the problem of inequality,
  • I have proved that under the present circumstances capitalism simply cannot work."

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  • Capitalism, in short, automatically creates levels of inequality that are unsustainable
  • the underlying cause of the 2008 bank catastrophe was falling incomes alongside rising financial wealth
  • All that social democracy and liberalism can produce, with their current policies, is the oligarch's yacht co-existing with the food bank for ever.

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