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  • This information is provided   for foreigners (Expatriates,   Expat's) who are interesting in staying in Nepal or have already   made Nepal their home.
  • Western standards. An expat can live for $200   a month here if they want to budget. For $500 per person (especially   if you're two), you can live a VERY high life style, even by Western   standards.
  • The average, yearly per capita income is $120. The   city is much higher than this. A houseperson used to cook and   clean makes less than $50 per month. A guard and/or gardener   makes about $25 per month. A government employee with 10 years   experience makes $75 per month. A computer programmer with   2 years experience can make $120 to $250 a month. The high   end computer person makes $450.


    Expats working for the local American school make   $2,000 monthly with a $500 housing allowance.

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