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Jul 13, 14

"Interrogative particles

ko-ko- को को]_: Repetition of the interrogative particles. We use the repetition to express the fact that the answer has a plural meaning. The same process exists in languages such as Mongolian (from the same author: Introduction to the Mongolian Language -

a) tāpaïko pariwaar-maa ko-ko hunuhunchhā?

Who is in your family?

तपार्इको परिवारमा को को हुनुहुन्छ ?

b) tāpaï kun-kun bhaasaaa bolnuhunchhā?

Which languages do you speak?

तपार्इ कुन कुन भाषा बोल्नुहुन्छ ?

c) tāpaï ko ghār-maa ko-ko chhān?

Who is at your home?

तपार्इको घरमा को को छन् ?

d) yo pāsāl-maa ke-ke paainchhā?

What things are available in this shop?

यो पसलमा के के पार्इन्छ ?

e) nepaal-maa kuk-kun din bida hunchhā?

On which days does Nepal have holidays?

नेपालमा कुन कुन दिन बिदा हुन्छ ?

f) tāpaï KaaThmaandu-maa kāhile kāhile jaanuhunchhā?

How often do you take a bath?

तपार्इ काठमाण्डौंमा कहिले कहिले जानुहुन्छ ?"

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