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Virginia Glatzer

Virginia Glatzer's Public Library

May 18, 14

Unleash video's potential

  • In a soul-baring speech that lasted more than 25 minutes, Durant fought back tears several times while thanking each of his teammates, the coaches, support staff and team executives, and finally his family. The emotional outpouring concluded with a tribute to his mother, Wanda Pratt. Durant praised her for the sacrifices sh

  • cranberry condiment of some sort. My grandma Bunny was partial to a raw cranberry-orange relish she made with hand-cranked countertop grinder (I do wish I had her recipe, but both she and it have been gone since I was 15).
  • So, if you like the classic canned jelly, but have a burning desire to make your own, this is the recipe for you. Best of all, you can put it through a hot water process and make it shelf stable, making it a do-ahead

  • Students who answer their own questions show improvement in reading comprehension
Mar 27, 14

These films look specifically at the ways that the latest digital and mobile technologies can potentially transform the ways that young people communicate, collaborate, and learn.
especially Young Zhao's talk
From Chris McCaffrey

  • professional
  • evaluation is “the systematic investigation of merit or worth
  • Systematic implies a focused, thoughtful, and intentional process.

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  • When you learn to mentally and emotionally disengage from those thoughts, you will catapult your potential to do just about anything you want to do.
  • negative
  • So much of who we are now and how we perceive the world is shaped by our early childhood experiences. This is particularly true when it comes to our beliefs about our potential for success and happiness, as well as our faith that we’re deserving and capable of living a passionate life.


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