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about 22 hours ago

Using Color Theory to Improve Website Accessibility via @thirststudios

Priceless. #wisdom #languages
Jul 27, 15

UX Design for Passwords and Registration Forms via @sitepointdotcom (pity about all the ads)

  • A good online screener can serve two key goals; It can tell you which customers fit the criteria and which customers an easily articulate themselves. This screener should consist of multiple choice questions and open-ended questions. You don’t want to go over 10 questions, so be thoughtful with what you ask upfront.
  • Your open-ended questions are a good resource to help you understand how the participants articulate themself.
  • Ask simple open-ended questions like; tell me a bit about yourself (hobbies, work, interests), tell me a bit about how you use [insert your product]. Using the first few questions in the research script is a good idea to give you sense of what it would look like when they are in the session.

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Hola! You had me at hello...
Jul 22, 15

This is an interesting idea. A resource that helps you to visually communicate your strengths.

PDF links often have file size next to them. Sadly, I think many regular page links should show this on mobile sites. #performance

    • Let People Know They Helped


      It is a seemingly small tip, but it can have great results – once you’ve conducted a study and figured out that you can introduce good improvements based on the feedback, let your users know about that, for two good reasons:

      • Firstly, they will feel acknowledged and appreciated as they learn that their input was actually valuable.
      • Secondly, they will be actually curious to see how they influenced the changes, so they will be eager to return, even if just for a look.

      And who knows, maybe the improvement you made is so crucial to their satisfaction that they might change their mind and join your service after all.

Why students visit the library (McGill) #north11conf
Jul 20, 15

Hemingway 2.0 is out now! Check it out on Product Hunt!

View our new desktop app site:

  • Elizabeth Hewitt
  • Dianne Backwell
Jul 19, 15

An oldie, but a goodie. What is Empathy?

Jul 19, 15

“Pixar’s 22 rules of storytelling adapted for UX — because both are about creating great…” by @thoughtworks

Jul 17, 15

"Beginning and ending with your customer in mind is no simple task. This week, Eeva Ilama shares her experience after attending Cooper’s Putting Personas to Work course."

  • Lack of clarity around how personas should be used throughout design
  • Lack of understanding of how design personas can be used over time
  • a quick checklist of what makes a good persona
Jul 16, 15

Transcript: Ask the UXperts: Customer Journey Mapping with Ruth Ellison

Jul 16, 15

These UX tactics are as close as you'll get to reading your user's mind.

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