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  • integrates with Dropbox, Pinterest, Instagram, Adobe Creative Cloud, Evernote, Facebook and other popular apps—not to mention your phone photo albums. You can even grab content by using the in-app Flickr search engine, or store visuals for later organization using the Safari extension
  • give other Curator users the ability to edit your board, or send a view-only version to their email address. Alternatively, you can save an entire board as an image file or as a PDF.
  • turns on the presentation mode. Next time you’re in a meeting, simply connect your iPhone or iPad to a projector and show everyone what you’ve been working on
May 20, 16

The Guide to Agile UX Design Sprints — A Playbook for Product Teams by Alex Gamble of PwC

  • The Attitudinal vs. Behavioral Dimension


    This distinction can be summed up by contrasting "what people say" versus "what people do" (very often the two are quite different). The purpose of attitudinal research is usually to understand or measure people's stated beliefs, which is why attitudinal research is used heavily in marketing departments.

May 17, 16

Wrong solutions can be fixed, but non-existent problems aren’t adjustable. by @JAF_Designer

  • important changes to the interface.

      In fact, these are improvements Ensemble should have made long ago. With them, the core gameplay is more manageable. There are more detailed tooltips, better and more flexible hotkeys, and an incredibly helpful button that lets you summon your entire army, above and beyond the 50-unit selection limit (which Big Huge, sadly, wasn't able to circumvent). You can select units by type, map-wide. You can rally all military buildings to a single location. You can queue build orders in multiple buildings at once.

  • the resources you spend to build wonders actually result in a persistent benefit that sticks with you throughout the game
  • The units and buildings are well designed and full of lots of lively detail. The wonders look particularly awesome with loads of intricate detailing. And while that's where most of your attention is, the small touches here and there really bring the game to life. Seeing green birds drift high above the carnage, or seeing smoke plumes from burning houses just adds that much more believability to the game. Likewise, the excellent voiceovers carry the drama nicely and are supplemented with the types of music and sound effects we've already come to love in the series.

  • The Japanese Daimyo (available as a home shipment unit) is a powerful warlord that acts both as a walking barracks and a drop off point for all future military shipments from the home city. This really gives the Japanese civilization the opportunity to engage in some truly relentless advances. The trick is to keep the Daimyo close enough to the action to keep the reinforcements flowing fast but far enough away that he's not likely to be in too much danger.
  • interface
May 11, 16

Atlassian's design personas.

May 08, 16

The lovely folks @RosenfeldMedia give @uxmelbourne 30% off The User's Journey by @dlichaw for #UXBookClub - Join us!

May 06, 16

Are you improving an intranet? This may interest you — 'How to Fix a Broken Intranet' via @UXBooth #UX #Intranet

  • 5 scenario campaigns, focused on Japan, China, and India

  • Create a mental outline of what you want to say
  • easier to structure and organize your piece if you’ve spent some time thinking about the end goal
  • talk far more like written text

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May 05, 16

[Blog post] Using paper prototypes for fast and effective #UX testing:

May 03, 16

Interesting UX process from @leszekzawadzki worth a read to get some insight to the User-Centered Design Canvas

  • denouncing PBL (Points, Badges and Leaderboards)
  • extrinsic motivation
  • intrinsic motivation

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