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18 Apr 14

"We live in an age overflowing with sources of information. With so many information sources at our fingertips, knowing where to start, sorting through it all and finding what we want can be overwhelming! This handout provides answers to the following research-related questions: Where do I begin? Where should I look for information? What types of sources are available?"

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17 Apr 14

New Zotero grant to add feed reading and also integrate with institutional repositories (with an IFTTT-like service)

17 Apr 14

@mikedaly85 BP uses WP's object caching API, which uses whatever persistent cache backend the user has installed

17 Apr 14

Chrome's Accessibility Developer Tools has a great contrast checker that's super easy to use

15 Apr 14

I just uploaded "My bungy jump" to Vimeo:

15 Apr 14

"An accessible web site is one which can be used by all its intended visitors, taking into account their differing capabilities. Inaccessible web sites can pose significant barriers to people with disabilities. The challenge of developing web content accessible by everyone has motivated the evolvement of a number of techniques to address web accessibility issues. Unfortunately, web developers often lack sufficient knowledge about these guidelines and techniques to develop accessible web sites.

This paper presents a survey of common web accessibility problems. Different studies and reports have been analyzed in order to summarize the most common web accessibility problems.


04 Apr 14

"With globalisation and the advent of information technology, the English language has become more important for second language (L2) learners. This study aimed to establish a blended teaching and learning model combining online and face to face instructional blogging for an English for specific purposes (ESP) course named English Public Speaking. The research methodology combined qualitative and quantitative approaches and included peer and instructor feedback, interviews, self-reflection, and a learning satisfaction survey. A total of 44 college seniors majoring in English participated in the study. The results of the study showed that this model could contribute to learning effectiveness and student satisfaction if the blended model is implemented with sufficiently supportive equipment and course plans. Most importantly, peer and instructor's feedback and the blog characteristics like free access, ease of revision, and interesting material for learning were major factors that enhanced students' learning satisfaction by motivating them to learn effectively."

  • showed that this model could contribute to learning effectiveness and student satisfaction if the blended model is implemented with sufficiently supportive equipment and course plans
02 Apr 14

Really Break Grammar Rules on Websites!!! #UX #copywriting #usability

  • Web 2.0 technologies can provide students with more engagement through greater customization and choice of topics, and less distraction from their peers
  • as learning expands beyond the classroom
  • they often bring with them outcomes that are not positive: narcissism, gossip, wasted time, 'friending', hurt feelings, ruined reputations, and sometimes unsavory, even dangerous activities

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  • The findings of the study reveal that the students' perceptions of the course book in meeting their language needs were generally positive although some higher proficiency students did not find the content challenging enough. The online component was also well received but two major problems and challenges were identified: slow and unreliable internet connection and too much online exercises to complete. Possible solutions to these problems were also proposed.
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