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Feb 07, 16

"Yesterday morning I spent an enlightening hour hosting Ruth Ellison in our Campfire chatroom for a session on Customer Journey Mapping. It was one of the most popular sessions that I’ve run to date, and Ruth’s form was fantastic. The questions came thick and fast but she didn’t let it phase her!"

Feb 07, 16

"Seamless user experiences will be more important than ever" — @FastCoDesign on Web design trends here to stay:

Feb 06, 16

So happy to bring @Dyslexie_Font to Pocket! See it in action in our latest iOS update:

Feb 06, 16

Priming and User Interfaces

  • anything below 68 is below average
  • Items 4 and 10 provide the learnability dimension
  • Sample size and reliability are unrelated, so SUS can be used on very small sample sizes (as few as two users) and still generate reliable results. However, small sample sizes generate imprecise estimates of the unknown user-population SUS score. You should compute a confidence interval around your sample SUS score to understand the variability in your estimate.

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Feb 03, 16

Empathy based research: A Walk in the Park

Feb 02, 16

"The answer is 5, except when it's not. Most arguments for using more test participants are wrong, but some tests should be bigger and some smaller."

  • Users will often struggle to learn a suite of related products because of major differences in how they look and operate.
  • There’s a sense of urgency; we often meet with some internal resistance;
Feb 01, 16

All 178 images from @tsharon’s new book, Validating Product Ideas Through Lean User Research, are avail. via Flickr:

Jan 28, 16

"Storytelling in its many forms, not just improv, can be an incredibly powerful tool for gaining new perspectives and creating shared understanding. Storytelling with empathy can be especially valuable in business because, when you’re in tune with others’ needs, you can better serve them as customers, be a better leader, and design better products and services."

Jan 28, 16

Product design — How we make complex tasks feel simple

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