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Vernon Fowler

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  • denouncing PBL (Points, Badges and Leaderboards)
  • extrinsic motivation
  • intrinsic motivation

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  • described gamification as a "layer" that's added on top of an existing curriculum
Apr 30, 16

"The Long Journey to GOOD Gamification

As you can see, creating a rich gamified experience is much more than simply slapping on various game-mechanics to existing products. It’s a craft that requires a lot of analysis, thinking, testing, and adjusting.

While there are 5 Levels in total, Level 1 is usually sufficient for the majority of companies trying to create a better-designed gamified product and experience. Higher Level Octalysis processes are really there for organizations that are truly committed to making sure that they push their metrics in the right direction, while improving longevity of a gamified system. Many games are only popular for 3-8 months, but ones that have good Endgame design can last over decades or even centuries."

  • Gamification is design that places the most emphasis on human motivation in the process.
  • Gamification is the craft of deriving all the fun and engaging elements found in games and applying them to real-world or productive activities.
  • Games have no other purpose than to please the individual playing them.

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  • to amass the required number of points
  • badge
  • student achievement went up about 15 percent to 20 percent after the curriculum was gamified

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Apr 29, 16

- skill tree, prospect of leveling and progressive knowledge building
- challenge, quick problem solving, streaks of correct answers, sacrifice for hints, no penalty instructional video
- progress stats (energy points, minutes watching videos, completed exercises)
- achievements (badges)

  • used game mechanics to make dizzying subjects accessible and yes, fun and addictive
  • like an RPG skill tree
  • prospect of leveling and progressive knowledge building

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    • Tracking conversions


      On every submit of your typeforms we are also sending a Google Analytics event with the following parameters:

      • Category is your typeform’s UID,
      • Action is “TypeformSubmit” and
      • Label is the name of your typeform.

      You can find all the typeform submits in the Google Analytics in Behavior > Events > Top events report.

Apr 27, 16

5 Ways To Improve Your Design Presentations by @andyorsow

  • Gamifying your routine encourages you to set ambitious goals and do more, driven by your impulse to win.
  • For a more subtle nudge to keep working, Todoist's Karma feature gives you a daily score based on how many tasks you complete. Similar to the Health app on your phone, the Todoist Karma graph will show you when you've been more or less productive for a little incentive to get more done and beat your own records.


Apr 25, 16

Deep understanding: reframe the way you think about the problem as if your org doesn't exist

Apr 22, 16

"Learn to listen, then ask clarifying questions, then make sound responses." #design

Apr 21, 16

That’s an amazing problem. I don’t know the answer. Let’s figure that out together.

  • ‘That’s an amazing problem. I don’t know the answer. Let’s figure that out together. Let’s work on that together. Let’s figure out what the best solution might be.”
Apr 19, 16

"This report provides a recap of the October 2015 Library in the Life of the User meeting that featured insights about ways libraries can provide more meaningful support based on what students, scholars and other library users really do.

    • Users increasingly have choices outside the library, and those choices are both networked and social.
    • It is far too easy to make incorrect assumptions about users’ needs and motives. Mixed methodologies, including practices based in ethnography and design, help libraries to better understand their constituents and to make wise choices.
    • Libraries need to adapt, empower, partner and engage in order to successfully shape their future services around users' needs.
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