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Vernon Fowler

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Nov 28, 15

“The experience you create for your users is just as important as the service you provide.”

Nov 28, 15

Excited to be in the instructor team covering #UX & #DesignThinking at next weekend's @MelbourneGA Digital Bootcamp

Nov 28, 15

Personas Are Dead. Long Live The Heroes! via @clearleft

Nov 28, 15

The @boagworld podcast is having a strong run of great UX episodes this season. This week's is particularly good.

Nov 25, 15

New Feature for OptimalSort: You can now gather data on card order (Prioritization)!! #ux

Confused: so many marketing jobs expect you to have Adobe Creative Suite knowledge? This isn't even covered in marketing courses?
Nov 25, 15

WSJ. Magazine’s 2015 Technology Innovator and co-founder and CEO of Slack believes in the power of play. After a year and a half of runaway user growth, his app is changing the way we work.

Nov 24, 15

"When people get their first click right on a website, they are two to three times as likely to find what they're looking for than if they went in the wrong direction with that first click. First-click testing results can tell you if your customers are able to find what they're looking for quickly and easily when they land on your webpage, and if not, where they click instead.

To create a first-click test, you'll upload screenshots, sketches, or wireframes of the webpages you want to test, and invite people to complete tasks by clicking where they think they'd find the right information.

First-click testing results enable you to make user-friendly decisions for your webpages about:

the content and visual elements to prioritize for your audience
the language you use for labels, links, and content
where you place things like buttons, shopping cart icons, and menus."

Nov 24, 15

"Tree testing tells you how easily people can find information on your website, and exactly where people get lost. Your website visitors rely on your information architecture — how you label and organize your content — to get things done. Tree testing can answer questions like:

Do my labels make sense to people?
Is my content grouped logically to people?
Can people find the information they want easily and quickly? If not, what’s stopping them?"

Nov 22, 15

Creating a culture of usability, through the creation of a usability team #UX #library #FlindersLL

I made my first ever pav from scratch. Then hubby tells me he doesn't like pav
Nov 21, 15

Adapting empathy maps for UX design /via: @UXBooth
Adapting empathy maps for UX design

Nov 20, 15

UXNZ Louis Rosenfeld: via @YouTube

Nov 19, 15

Card Sorting 101 has arrived.
A resource for all mental models :-) #ux #ia #design

Nov 18, 15

The #Google app now understands more complex questions -

#VoiceUI #Search #NLP

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