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Vanessa Camilleri

Vanessa Camilleri's Public Library

Nov 10, 14

In this week's 8-Bit Philosophy, Jacques Derrida's work in "Of Grammatology" is explained.

Oct 31, 14

How exactly do horror games work on the brains of players? In this new feature, neuroscientist Maral Tajerian unpacks the mechanism behind the scares in Amnesia, Dead Space, Silent Hill and others.

Oct 31, 14

Studies have shown some video games increase cognitive skills. What happens when neuroscientists decide to design one specifically for ADHD patients?

Oct 31, 14

Advice from Common Sense Media editors. If your kid spends as much time watching Minecraft videos as playing the game, here's a guide to the best YouTube Minecraft channels for kids.

Oct 28, 14

There are myriad ways in which "gamification" can play a positive role in the educational setting. On Sunday, Tess Pajaron sent me a great article from Open

Oct 15, 14

Lewis Tachau is a 13-year-old middle school student and avid online gamer. In this enjoyable TEDx Talk, Lewis talks about how his favorite online game taugh

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