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Vicki Bunce

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about 22 hours ago

"Smarthistory at Khan Academy offers more than one thousand videos and articles on art from around the world and across time. We are working with more than one hundred
art historians and some of the world's most important museums to make Khan Academy the best art history resource anywhere. "

Mar 02, 15

"The Master Teacher Project is committed to building a body of knowledge around authentic instructional practice. We recruit and select high-performing teachers across the country to share their rich, comprehensive lessons and effective strategies with teachers across the globe. "

Feb 26, 15

"Listen Current makes it easy to bring authentic voices and compelling non-fiction stories to the classroom. We curate the best of public radio to keep teaching connected to the real world and build student listening skills at the same time."

Feb 23, 15

"Citefast formats your bibliographies and title pages, in APA 6th edition, MLA 7th edition and Chicago 16th edition. Citefast has recently added a slew of new features that include title page creation, in-text citations, editing capabilities and automatic citation lookup."

Feb 18, 15

"Vocaroo enables you to record or upload audio clips . To record, click on the record button and start talking. Once done, save and share your recording using different options: via email, QR code, direct link, or use embed link to insert it in your blog or website. Vocaroo also allows you to download your audio clips in the form of MP3, Ogg, FLAC or WAV."

Feb 18, 15

"This website is dedicated to Excel functions and formulas.
You will find information and examples of each of the Excel Built-In Functions and information on how to combine these functions to produce a wide range of Excel Formulas. There is also a section explaining Excel Array Formulas, which will help you to make full use of some of the most useful Excel functions and formulas."

Feb 16, 15

9 free games cover comprehension, sequencing, vocabulary, phones & phonemic awareness.

Feb 16, 15

"Stack Exchange is a growing network of individual communities, each dedicated to serving experts in a specific field. We build libraries of high-quality questions and answers, focused on each community's area of expertise.

From programmers sharing answers on parsing HTML, to researchers seeking solutions to combinatorial problems, to photographers exposing lighting techniques, our communities are built by and for those best able to define them: the experts and enthusiasts."

Feb 14, 15

"The Council for Economic Education has a collection of resources for K-12 educators and students. Use the filter tool on the right to find exactly what you’re looking for."

Feb 14, 15

"Teachers tell us they use our questions to help students practice writing persuasively or creatively; as inspiration for lessons; as jumping-off points for class discussions; or just to encourage student engagement with current events and with young people from around the world. "

Feb 14, 15

"Welcome to the English Class in Performance website. Here, you will find abridged versions of Shakespeare's plays, edited and with added stage directions in order to be easily performed or studied by a high school English class. They are free to use and distribute subject to the liscence given at the bottom of the page. "

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