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Vicki Bunce

Vicki Bunce's Public Library

Jul 25, 15

"OnlineFreeEBooks provides links to various ebooks (mostly in pdf) spanning in 9 big categories which are: Automotive Ebooks, Business Ebooks, Engineering Ebooks, Gadget Ebooks, Hardware Ebooks, Health & Medical Ebooks, Hobbies Ebooks, Programming & Technology Ebooks, Sport & Martial Art Ebooks."

Jul 25, 15

"KnowFree is a web portal where users are able to exchange freely e-books, video training and other materials for educational purposes and self-practice."

Jul 23, 15

" three timelines combined into one. The three timelines cover technology, discovery, and culture as it relates to astronomy and space exploration. Each element on the timeline is narrated. Users can select individual elements on the timeline or choose autoplay to hear the narration of each item in sequence."

Jul 23, 15

"a sizable collection of fun projects, games, animations, and lessons about Earth, space, and technology. Before playing the games or attempting one of the projects, students should explore the animations and facts sections to gain some background information. The projects section of NASA Space Place provides teachers, parents, and students with directions for hands-on projects like building a balloon-powered rover, building relief maps, and building a moon habitat. The games section offers thirty games covering all of the subjects in the animations and facts sections."

Jul 23, 15

"an online game developed by NASA to be played on the Steam online gaming platform. Moonbase Alpha a simulation/ role playing game in which players assume the role of an astronaut working to repair equipment in order to restore oxygen delivery to a settlement on the moon. The game can be played by up to six players at a time who communicate using voice over communication. (To play Moonbase Alpha you do need to install the Steam gaming platform (it's free) on a Windows-based computer.)"

Jul 23, 15

"a virtual tour of NASA-related science in our homes and cities. Students visiting NASA @ Home and City can rotate buildings and take a look inside to discover everyday items whose development has been influenced by technology developed at NASA. Each item within a building has a narrated explanation of how that items was influenced by NASA technology."

Jul 23, 15

"Welcome to the NASA Lunar Electric Rover (LER) Simulator. You don’t need a driver’s license, but you still need to buckle up as the LER Simulator gives you a glimpse of what it might be like to support the activities of a functioning Lunar Outpost. Get busy. You never know if your skills here will become a major part of the NASA Astronaut application process in the future. "

Jul 22, 15

"Welcome to this open experiment in uncovering new ideas – and brand-new ways to communicate them. If you’ve always wanted to give a TED Talk, dive in! And if the traditional TED Talk style isn’t for you, try something new. Share your ideas 
in visuals or animation or lyrics or any style you’ve been imagining. The only restriction: It needs to exist as a video (not a slide deck or audio-only file). And it should be 6 minutes or less. "

Jul 21, 15

A series of videos about the inquiry approach produced by "Ontario Elementary Social Studies Teachers Association (OESSTA) in association with "Ontario Association of Junior Educators" (OAJE).

Jul 20, 15

"Grammarly Handbook features a variety of grammar lessons covering different topics such as adjectives, nouns, prepositions, verbs, interjections, punctuations, writing mechanics,and sentence style and sentence clarity. The lessons are explained in a clear and easy to grasp language illustrated with several examples."

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