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Vahid Masrour

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  • the emergence of the metacurriculum, and he predicted it 10 or 15 years ago, that the virtually open curriculum metacurriculum would be emerging.

  • if it does not have a definable purpose, it cannot measure progress towards it. In the abstract, measures are arbitrary and unhelpful. Purpose dictates appropriate measures and measures give manageability, the capacity to learn and improve.
  • there is a systemic relationship between purpose (what we are here to do), measures (how we know how we are doing) and method (how we do it)
  • Because satisfied customers are the only source of long-term success, measures need to be related to purpose as defined from a customer point of view.

  • shifting paradigms and mindsets, creating new narratives; developing and aligning around different goals for the system; and supporting self-organization.

  • Ecuador tiene una población estudiantil en el sistema inicial, general y bachillerato de 2,1 millones de estudiantes.

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