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  • This is terrible. My childhood merit badges are wilting... - Jeremy Smith on 2009-01-29

  • People who regularly attend service at church pay 22.1 cents less for the Sunday tabloid… This is a large effect, and we can only speculate with regard to its reasons. One reason might be that the church attendees lacked the coin money to make a proper payment. Active religious participation is high in the region, and on a typical Sunday morning it is plausible that many people might have donated some of their coin money to the church. Of course, this explanation does not change the fact that church attendees are particularly dishonest when paying for the newspaper. Another possible explanation is that the church attendees share relevant social traits. Gneezy (2005) found that honesty interacts with social preferences towards the person who benefits from one’s honesty. According to this explanation, a typical church attendee might believe that it would do little harm to the wealth of the publisher if he does not pay for the paper.

  • Op-Ed by Robin Meyers on Oklahoma voting 100% of its counties for McCain...pretty vicious but interesting to read. - Jeremy Smith on 2008-12-22

  • the mutual fund The Timothy Group, which bases its investments on companies they deem moral, has put out their annual list of questionable video games. In their "score card" they use categories such as "Sex," "Violence," "Drugs," "Comic Mischief," and of course "Gay/Lesbian" to determine a game's morality. Huh? Here's the breakdown of the games they found questionable:

  • Now is the time to take stock of what you received and what those new gifts can replace — one new gift in, one old item out.

  • This is the first part of a 12-part series I will be posting over the next several weeks, examining the current understanding of productivity and where the concept might be heading in the future

  • Christianity has always been a diverse faith. The various theologies, political ideas, and other views held by Christian groups throughout last twenty centuries have varied widely. This has made Christianity strong, adaptive, and dynamic in furthering the truths it posits. However, parellel to its historical strengths have always been weaknesses: movements that, though often well-intentioned, have done more to hurt the cause of Christ than help it.


    In American Christianity today, there are many such movements.

  • Their premise is that "our behavior and decision making are influenced by an array of such psychological undercurrents and that they are much more powerful and pervasive than most of us realize.

  • instant, eyebrow-raising recognition. Suddenly the majority gets to feel what the minority feels. In a moment they feel what it’s like to have their relationship downgraded, and to have a much taken-for-granted right called into question because of another’s beliefs

  • Good list for the first 100 days of the Obama administration. Heck, the first week. - Jeremy Smith on 2008-11-20

  • Funny how all over the sacred texts of the LDS church is distinctions between religious and secular law...then they conflate the two with their activism re: Prop 8 in CA. - Jeremy Smith on 2008-11-20

  • While it is a simple statement and gives us a framework, it needs customization and contextualization to work properly. - Jeremy Smith on 2008-11-20
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