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May 25, 12

Over 1,700 images of the civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Rome, and other ancient Mediterranean cultures as conceived and depicted by artists and travelers from the 18th to the early 20th century, as represented in book and periodical illustrations, engravings, lithographs and photographs. A wide range of subjects includes arms and armor, architecture, furniture, pottery, mythology, religion, theater and the Seven Wonders of the World.

May 24, 12

Built on the art of ancient Greece and Rome, CLAROS is an international research collaboration, using the latest Information and Communication Technologies to enable simultaneous searching of major collections in university research institutes and museums.

May 23, 12

accessCeramics is a growing collection of contemporary ceramics images by recognized artists enhancing ceramics education worldwide.

Oct 31, 11

VADS is the online resource for visual arts. It has provided services to the academic community for 12 years and has built up a considerable portfolio of visual art collections comprising over 100,000 images that are freely available and copyright cleared for use in learning, teaching and research in the UK.

Jan 26, 12

Craft in America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the exploration, preservation and celebration of craft and its impact on our nation's cultural heritage.

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