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Tyler Wall

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May 26, 15

Enhance personalization or enable greater student agency:
• Learning Goals. Who selected what is being learned?
• Learning Activity. Who selected how it is being learned?
• Assessment of Learning. Who selected how students demonstrate their knowledge and skills and how that will be assessed?
• Work Time. During the lesson/unit, who is the primary driver of the work time?
• Technology Usage. Who is the primary user of the technology?

Authentic, real world work
• Real or Fake. Is student work authentic and reflective of that done by real people outside of school?
• Domain Knowledge. Are students learning discipline-specific and -appropriate content and procedural knowledge? If yes, is student work focused around big, important concepts central to the discipline (not just minutiae)?
• Domain Practices. Are students utilizing discipline-specific and appropriate practices and processes?
• Domain Technologies. Are students utilizing discipline-specific and appropriate tools and technologies?

Facilitate students’ deeper thinking, creativity, or metacognition
• Deeper Thinking. Do student learning activities and assessments go beyond facts, procedures, and/or previously-provided ways of thinking (e.g., syntheses or analyses that actually are just regurgitations)?
• Creativity. Do students have the opportunity to design, create, make, or otherwise add value that is unique to them?
• Initiative. Do students have the opportunity to initiate, be entrepreneurial, be self-directed, and/or go beyond given parameters of the learning task or environment?
• Metacognition. Do students have the opportunity to reflect on their planning, thinking, work, and/or progress? If yes, can students identify what they’re learning, not just what they’re doing?

May 04, 15

Want to learn more about integrating iPads into the classroom. Look no further than this fantastic article that looks at in what strengths the iPad brings to the classroom and the things that you should not do when using them in the classroom.

Apr 23, 15

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