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Mar 23, 15

Opinion is a very simple app that allows you to record and publish podcasts without needing to be a tech guru (geek).

Mar 23, 15

"Some of the characteristics of the Creativity Mindset include:

Believes in One’s Own Creativity
Embraces Curiosity
Suspends Judgement – Silences the Inner Critic
Tolerates Ambiguity
Persists Even When Confronted with Skepticism & Rejection
Taps Into Childlike Imagination; a Child’s Sense of Wonder"

Mar 04, 15

Great article and a must read that is FULL of resources. Read it as this is only a overview.
1. Creativity is something you’re born with
2. You can’t control when inspiration will strike
3. You can’t learn to be creative
4. Creativity happens in isolation (the myth of the lone creator)
5. Creativity comes to those with the time and means

Mar 02, 15

"1. Critical Thinking"
Analogical, Expressive, experiential, problem solving
2. Mobile Learning
3. Access to Education
5. Continuous Feedback
6. Unlimited and Immediate Learning
7. Creation and Contribution
8. Social Connectedness
9. Global Awareness
10. Understanding Learning

Mar 02, 15

"50 examples of innovative approaches to professional growth from across the world"

Feb 26, 15

"Rule 1 - There is no such thing as a bad idea. We never know how one idea (however far-fetched) might lead into another one that is exactly right. Rule 2 - We don't talk yet about why not. There will be plenty of time for realities later, so we don't want them to get in the way of the good ideas now. Rule 3 - Nothing should stifle the flow of ideas. Not buts or can'ts or other "stopping" words. We want to hear words such as "and," "or," and "what if?" Rule 4 -  There is no such thing as a bad idea. (We take that one very seriously.)"

  • an individual would engage in learning only “to the extent he is not crippled by fear and to the extent he feels safe enough to dare.”
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