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May 29, 15 (April 9, 2013) 7 Things You Should Know About Makerspaces. Retrieved from:

May 26, 15

Enhance personalization or enable greater student agency:
• Learning Goals. Who selected what is being learned?
• Learning Activity. Who selected how it is being learned?
• Assessment of Learning. Who selected how students demonstrate their knowledge and skills and how that will be assessed?
• Work Time. During the lesson/unit, who is the primary driver of the work time?
• Technology Usage. Who is the primary user of the technology?

Authentic, real world work
• Real or Fake. Is student work authentic and reflective of that done by real people outside of school?
• Domain Knowledge. Are students learning discipline-specific and -appropriate content and procedural knowledge? If yes, is student work focused around big, important concepts central to the discipline (not just minutiae)?
• Domain Practices. Are students utilizing discipline-specific and appropriate practices and processes?
• Domain Technologies. Are students utilizing discipline-specific and appropriate tools and technologies?

Facilitate students’ deeper thinking, creativity, or metacognition
• Deeper Thinking. Do student learning activities and assessments go beyond facts, procedures, and/or previously-provided ways of thinking (e.g., syntheses or analyses that actually are just regurgitations)?
• Creativity. Do students have the opportunity to design, create, make, or otherwise add value that is unique to them?
• Initiative. Do students have the opportunity to initiate, be entrepreneurial, be self-directed, and/or go beyond given parameters of the learning task or environment?
• Metacognition. Do students have the opportunity to reflect on their planning, thinking, work, and/or progress? If yes, can students identify what they’re learning, not just what they’re doing?

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