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  • During Japan’s decades of rapid economic growth, when jobs for life were the norm, sending your son to juku to improve his chances of getting into a good high school and then a good university seemed like a good investment.
  • a university degree no longer guarantees students a job at graduation.
  • while the current system has made Japanese students “very good at answering problems for which answers exist,” says Mikio Takagi, the president of Nichinoken, one of the best-known juku, students are stumped by questions on which they haven’t been coached. And Japan’s sluggish economy needs people who can come up with new ideas.

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  • It is well-known that some daigaku have no real academic purpose, allowing mechanical graduations without requiring scholastic achievements.
  • “The purpose of Japan’s daigaku is to sell time to young people.”
  • Ignoring all modern science on how people acquire foreign languages, the Ministry of Education has relied on curricula where English “is dissected and reassembled into a malformed creature that has little to do with communication but everything to do with sitting for exacting examinations.”

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