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  • Lectures are non-interactive, meaning that there is little way for lecturers to know whether they are getting across what they intended.
  • Indeed, according to a recent study published in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences, passive forms of instruction result in failure rates 55 percent higher than those of active forms of instruction.
  • All this indicates that activities are not cop-outs but actually a good presentation strategy and good pedagogy.

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  • The technology will not only help students to make connections about what they're learning, but will also function as an e-portfolio, documenting their work.
  • In turn, administrators hope this will lead to an institution-wide cultural change, as students do more of their work on public platforms, work collaboratively with each other and respond to each other's work online and with digital tools.

  • In other words, the students began to make connections.
  • "as a result of this course, they can't stop looking at the world around them and thinking about it."
  • The ability to work together, making connections across disciplines, creating networks, Campbell said, is the essence of higher education.

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by and large, digital work is not considered appropriate material for tenure and promotion at institutions of higher education.

  • By and large, digital work is not considered appropriate material for tenure and promotion at institutions of higher education. This despite the fact that nearly seven million students are enrolled in digital (online or hybrid) courses, many institutions of higher education have entered the arena of MOOCs, and that professors — those same whose digital work is not acceptable for T&P — are expected to work with facility in online environments
  • he digital has proven to generate revenue, produce volumes of research, and to be a field rich with scholarship and innovation — and the grants that follow.
  • Yet traditional tenure and promotion committees expect even digital work to be catalogued in the tombs of print journals, subject to double-blind peer review.

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  • The problem with an LMS is that it’s easy for the tutor to be invisible and for modules to become repositories for resources. We have been discussing how to increase tutor ‘presence’ in Blackboard by creating and posting videos, engaging in discussion forums, blogging, and engaging synchronously with students.
  • Research has shown (for many years) that tutor ‘presence’ promotes student engagement online.
  • Increasing this presence can be made easier by using tools outside Blackboard,
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#CLMOOC Twitter Chat 6 via @dogtrax Gr8 cur8.

Jul 31, 15

James Turrell’s first exhibition in a New York museum since 1980 focuses on the artist’s groundbreaking explorations of perception, light, color, and space, with a special focus on the role of site specificity in his practice. via Pocket

Jul 30, 15

Hi, I’m Rebecca Hogue, and I’m a blogger, a scholar, an educator, and aspiring writer. For the purposes of this presentation, I’m my unaffiliated self. Last week I participated in an interesting discussion about EdContext – Educators across context …

  • The traditional academic world is challenged by the new breed of academics. Those of us who are trying to eek out a space in a world where tenure track positions are few and far between.
  • a system that is need of a shake-up. The academic world is all about prestige, and that prestige comes with the brand that is a university affiliation.
  • In the academic world, where more and more people are parttime contract workers – often taking teaching positions at multiple institutions at the same time – the traditional bio just doesn’t make sense.

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Jul 30, 15

by Laura Hilliger
What if you weren't always at the center, and you allowed other people to take control based on skills and competencies within a specific context?
Open is an attitude, not a set of processes and procedures. Holding on to it despite potential repercussions is an act of courage because most people hold on to the cultural and social norms they’re used to.

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