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Sep 17, 12

Coffs little secret for a morning practice

Jul 12, 12

#jiscwebinar What Is A MOOC? @dkernohan @mweller @jonathan_worth @loumcgill @daveowhite [visual Notes]

Jul 10, 12

RT "@TonySearl: summary of the importantly obvious in open, Social Networked Learning" #H800

Jul 09, 12

mmmmmmmm i wonder....

Jul 02, 12

For years, policymakers and educators have ping-ponged from one silver-bullet solution to the next to address our nation’s public education challenges. One might say we lack an embedded culture of continuous improvement and refinement.

'the challenges of implementing so many of these education reforms—such as new Common Core standards, new assessments, new accountability systems, new teacher evaluations, new data systems'

Jun 26, 12

Their understanding of our identity is not the same as our understanding of our identity. What they have are a bunch of derived assumptions that may or may not be correct; and even if they are, they are not ours.

  • We’re cool with it only to the degree that we are uncomplaining about it—so far.


    And it isn’t a “deal” because nothing was ever negotiated.

  • David Siegel’s excellent book, The Power of Pull, describes how the Semantic Web also offers a rich and far more flexible and useful alternative to the Web’s old skool model.
  • whole new ways of relating, starting with systems by which users and customers can offer their own terms of engagement, their own policies, their own preferences (even their own prices and payment options)—and by which sellers and site operators can signal their openness to those terms (even if they’re not yet ready to accept them).

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  • we are working on terms of service that individual customers can assert: ones that say, for example, “don’t track me outside your website,” and “share back with me all the data you collect about me, in the form I specify.” That has nothing to do with what anything sells for. It’s about relationship, not transaction
  • the split that matters most is between yesterday’s dependence and tomorrow’s independence—for ourselves.
  • we’re going to need individuals who are independent and self-empowered. 

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  • Where educators can build their playlist and bulk upload students/users in seconds. Also, a pro account has access to real-time graphs which show exactly which playlist they are learning and on which step they are on.

  • Higher education is searching for a new value point, a new narrative that communicates what it offers learners and society. Part of this new value point is communicating what the university offers in an age where the mediator role of content curation and teaching is now starting to be addressed through organizations or agents other than the university.

  • impact of emerging technologies on teaching, learning, research, and information management in Australian tertiary education over the next five years.
Jun 21, 12

challenge is exacerbated by the fact that digital literacy is less about tools and more about thinking

  • As long as maintaining the basic elements of the existing system remains the focus of efforts to support education, there will be resistance to any profound change in practice.
  • If the system is to remain relevant it must adapt, but major change comes hard in education.
  • Use of project-based learning practices that incorporate real- life experiences, technology and tools that are already familiar to students, and mentoring from community members are examples of practices that can bring the real world into the classroom.
Jun 15, 12

t’s not about the numbers, it’s about change top-down thinking and bottom-up action are both essential a new understanding of ‘learning’ is needed by everyone learning professionals have to step up and let go manager engagement and capability are both critical

Jun 14, 12

Is it helpful for learning to be thus disected? Or will it just happen as a belief that data "evidence" trumps learning experience and intuition? As Bankrupt, of budget and visionary ideas, edu providers look to reduce labour costs, increase graduation rates and develop certification abundance LAK will be a golden goose. fits in with the Gates Foundation's emphasis on mining daily classroom interactions for data.
,,developing data collection and analysis techniques to predict which teachers and teaching styles will be most effective.

Jun 13, 12

big data can't be used without an impact — it's just too big and fast. Big data can amplify our values, making them much more powerful and influential, especially when they are collected and focused toward a specific desired outcome.

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