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Tristan Rivoallan

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Feb 22, 16

"Avec Backfeed, Francesca cherche à répondre à plusieurs questions, notamment :

Comment valoriser les contributions de chacun dans le cadre d’un projet ?
Comment rétribuer justement ces contributions ?
Comment rendre la gestion d’un projet plus transparente ?
Comment établir une prise de décision décentralisée efficace ?"

Feb 17, 16

"Node Version Manager - Simple bash script to manage multiple active node.js versions"

Feb 15, 16

"Microservices appear simple to build on the surface, but there’s more to creating them than just launching some code running in containers and making HTTP requests between them. Here are 10 important questions that you should answer about any new microservice before development begins on it – and certainly before it gets deployed into production."

Feb 15, 16

"ZMON is Zalando's open-source platform monitoring tool, used in production since early 2014. It supports our many engineering teams in observing their services and metrics on various layers, from CPU load to team KPIs."

Feb 09, 16

"j2cli is a command-line tool for templating in shell-scripts, leveraging the Jinja2 library.


Jinja2 templating
Allows to use environment variables! Hello Docker :)
INI, YAML, JSON data sources supported"

Jan 25, 16

"A hosting platform for Slack bots with turnkey build and deployments. Your Bot's source code is managed through Github and launched as a container, so whatever language you prefer is A-OK."

Jan 25, 16

"Use familiar, declarative HTML attributes to add AJAX to your application. Use web standards like CSS, REST and Javascript events to enhance your app."

Jan 20, 16

"Grunt plugin that improves your site with modern web standards."

Jan 19, 16

"Supports languages Lambda does not natively support via shim, such as Go
Binary install (useful for continuous deployment in CI etc)
Project level function and resource management
Configuration inheritance and overrides
Command-line function invocation with JSON streams
Transparently generates a zip for your deploy
Function rollback support
Tail function CloudWatchLogs
Concurrency for quick deploys
Dry-run to preview changes"

Jan 18, 16

"Command line tool to validate (syntax check) SQL files. Primarily for MySQL .sql files.

Can be used in git pre-commit hooks to catch errors. Use it from your shell, offline and without any SQL server.

You can also use it to format SQL queries."

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