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Tristan Rivoallan

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Jan 25, 16

"A hosting platform for Slack bots with turnkey build and deployments. Your Bot's source code is managed through Github and launched as a container, so whatever language you prefer is A-OK."

Jan 25, 16

"Use familiar, declarative HTML attributes to add AJAX to your application. Use web standards like CSS, REST and Javascript events to enhance your app."

Jan 20, 16

"Grunt plugin that improves your site with modern web standards."

Jan 19, 16

"Supports languages Lambda does not natively support via shim, such as Go
Binary install (useful for continuous deployment in CI etc)
Project level function and resource management
Configuration inheritance and overrides
Command-line function invocation with JSON streams
Transparently generates a zip for your deploy
Function rollback support
Tail function CloudWatchLogs
Concurrency for quick deploys
Dry-run to preview changes"

Jan 18, 16

"Command line tool to validate (syntax check) SQL files. Primarily for MySQL .sql files.

Can be used in git pre-commit hooks to catch errors. Use it from your shell, offline and without any SQL server.

You can also use it to format SQL queries."

Jan 15, 16

"dumb-init is a simple process supervisor and init system designed to run as PID 1 inside minimal container environments (such as Docker). It is a deployed as a small, statically-linked binary written in C.

Lightweight containers have popularized the idea of running a single process or service without normal init systems like systemd or sysvinit. However, omitting an init system often leads to incorrect handling of processes and signals, and can result in problems such as containers which can't be gracefully stopped, or leaking containers which should have been destroyed.

dumb-init enables you to simply prefix your command with dumb-init. It acts as PID 1 and immediately spawns your command as a child process, taking care to properly handle and forward signals as they are received."

Jan 13, 16

"storm is a command line tool to manage your ssh connections."

Jan 11, 16

"CLI utility to post files and command output to slack"

Dec 30, 15

"Backends For Frontends solve a pressing concern for mobile development when using microservices. In addition they provide a compelling alternative to the general-purpose API backend, and many teams make use of them for purposes other than just mobile development. The simple act of limiting the number of consumers they support makes them much easier to work with and change, and helps teams developing customer-facing applications retain more autonomy."

Dec 30, 15

"SqlPad is a self-hosted web app for writing and running SQL queries and visualizing the results. Its goal is to be a simple tool for exploratory data work and visualizations, ideal for data analysts who would prefer to work in SQL."

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Dec 08, 15

"troposphere - Python library to create AWS CloudFormation descriptions"

Dec 01, 15

"Wraith uses a headless browser to create screenshots of webpages on different environments (or at different moments in time) and then creates a diff of the two images; the affected areas are highlighted in blue."

Dec 01, 15

"Submit a URL to generate a node map of all of the requests on the page. Rapidly identify what third-parties are on your site, where your transmitted bytes are coming from and how slow your domains are!"

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