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Tristan Rivoallan

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Jul 21, 16

"eClaire prints Trello cards from a label printer automatically! It's simple and easy, all you need to do as a Trello user is add a "PRINTME" label to your Trello card.

Having a physical wall and a Trello board is not without it's own pain - we had to keep the two in sync and for months we were typing a card in trello and writing a physical card for the wall and this overhead was not sitting well with us as a fast paced, efficient team."

Jul 05, 16

"Evolve your Database Schema easily and
reliably across all your instances"

Jun 30, 16

"Sick and tired of defending code quality over and over again? GrumPHP will do it for you! This composer plugin will register some git hooks in your package repository. When somebody commits changes, GrumPHP will run some tests on the committed code. If the tests fail, you won't be able to commit your changes. This handy tool will not only improve your codebase, it will also teach your co-workers to write better code following the best practices you've determined as a team.

GrumPHP has a set of common tasks built-in. You will be able to use GrumPHP with a minimum of configuration."

Jun 30, 16

"Apollo is an incrementally-adoptable data stack that manages the flow of data between clients and backends. Based on GraphQL, it gives you a principled, unified, and scalable API for developing modern apps on top of services."

Jun 27, 16

"Habitat is a new approach to automation that focuses on the application instead of the infrastructure it runs on. With Habitat, the apps you build, deploy, and manage behave consistently in any runtime — bare metal, VMs, containers, and PaaS. You'll spend less time on the environment and more time building features.

Habitat is an open source project, and we’d love for you to get involved."

Jun 06, 16

"Since PHP 7.0, the OpCache extension is able to store the compiled OpCode into files.

This plugin add the warmup-opcode command to composer which triggers the compilation for every PHP file discovered in the project."

Jun 02, 16

"This article aims to examine the benefits of Docker within the context of a software company with multiple developers working on multiple projects, having to manage these projects deployed in a cloud production environment. In this context the benefits of Docker become more readily apparent.

Jun 02, 16

"A Raspberry Pi distribution to display one webpage in full screen. It includes Chromium out of the box and the scripts necessary to load it at boot. This repository contains the source script to generate the distribution out of an existing Raspbian distro image."

Feb 22, 16

"Avec Backfeed, Francesca cherche à répondre à plusieurs questions, notamment :

Comment valoriser les contributions de chacun dans le cadre d’un projet ?
Comment rétribuer justement ces contributions ?
Comment rendre la gestion d’un projet plus transparente ?
Comment établir une prise de décision décentralisée efficace ?"

Feb 17, 16

"Node Version Manager - Simple bash script to manage multiple active node.js versions"

Feb 15, 16

"Microservices appear simple to build on the surface, but there’s more to creating them than just launching some code running in containers and making HTTP requests between them. Here are 10 important questions that you should answer about any new microservice before development begins on it – and certainly before it gets deployed into production."

Feb 15, 16

"ZMON is Zalando's open-source platform monitoring tool, used in production since early 2014. It supports our many engineering teams in observing their services and metrics on various layers, from CPU load to team KPIs."

Feb 09, 16

"j2cli is a command-line tool for templating in shell-scripts, leveraging the Jinja2 library.


Jinja2 templating
Allows to use environment variables! Hello Docker :)
INI, YAML, JSON data sources supported"

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