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Sep 29, 16

"Helpy is a modern, "mobile-first" helpdesk application built in Ruby. Features include multi-lingual knowledgebase, community discussions and private tickets integrated with email."

Sep 29, 16

Kontena is an open source project for orchestrating and running containerized workloads on a cluster. Kontena system is comprised of a number of Kontena Nodes (machines or VMs that run containerized workloads) and a Kontena Master that controls and monitors the Nodes.

With Kontena, you can describe your application with Kontena Service definition. A Service definition describes the container image, networking, scaling and stateful/stateless attributes for your application. Services may be linked together to create desired architecture. Each service is automatically assigned with internal DNS address that can be used inside your application for inter-Service communications.

The summary of Kontena key features:

Scheduler with affinity filtering
Built-in private Docker image registry
Remote VPN access for workload services
Ready made load-balancing service
Log and statistics aggregation with streaming
Access control and roles for Kontena users
Kontena is used with Kontena command line interface Kontena CLI. At the moment, there is no graphical (web based) UI for Kontena.

Sep 20, 16

"This image is the traefik dinamic conf for rancher. It comes from rawmind/rancher-tools."

Sep 20, 16

"The bedrock of microservices infrastructure"

Sep 19, 16

"API Umbrella is a proxy that sits in front of your APIs.
It can seamlessly add common functionality like api keys, rate limiting, and analytics to any API."

Sep 15, 16

"VictorOps is a hub for centralizing the flow of information throughout the incident lifecycle. Driven by IT and DevOps system data, VictorOps provides a unified platform for real-time alerting, collaboration, and documentation.

Using VictorOps, teams resolve incidents faster to help minimize the impact of downtime and speed innovation."

Sep 09, 16

"Vamp, or the Very Awesome Microservices Platform, takes the pain out of running complex and critical service based architectures. Vamp's core features are a platform-agnostic microservices DSL, powerful A-B testing/canary releasing, autoscaling and an integrated metrics & event engine."

Sep 01, 16

"Stashboard is a status dashboard for APIs and software services. It's similar to the Amazon AWS Status Page or the Google Apps Status Page. Stashboard was originally written by Twilio to provide status information on its Voice and SMS APIs. Stashboard is designed to provide a generic status dashboard for any hosted service or API. The code can be downloaded, customized, and run on any Google App Engine account.

Track multiple different API or SaaS services
Set custom status messages and icons such as Up/Down
Show historical status for each service
Runs on Google App Engine so it's independent of your infrastructure (unless your app is on GAE)
Full REST API for both getting and setting status information
Stashboard is written in Python and hosted on Google App Engine."

Sep 01, 16

"Staytus is a complete solution for publishing the latest information about any issues with your web applications, networks or services. Along with absolutely beautiful public & admin interfaces, Staytus is a powerful tool for any organization with customers that rely on them to be online 24/7."

Jul 28, 16

"Plugin to write WordPress themes w Object-Oriented Code and the Twig Template Engine"

Jul 27, 16

"LambCI is a package you can upload to AWS Lambda that gets triggered when you push new code or open pull requests on GitHub and runs your tests (in the Lambda environment itself) – in the same vein as Jenkins, Travis or CircleCI.

It integrates with Slack, and updates your Pull Request and other commit statuses on GitHub to let you know if you can merge safely."

Jul 21, 16

"eClaire prints Trello cards from a label printer automatically! It's simple and easy, all you need to do as a Trello user is add a "PRINTME" label to your Trello card.

Having a physical wall and a Trello board is not without it's own pain - we had to keep the two in sync and for months we were typing a card in trello and writing a physical card for the wall and this overhead was not sitting well with us as a fast paced, efficient team."

Jul 05, 16

"Evolve your Database Schema easily and
reliably across all your instances"

Jun 30, 16

"Sick and tired of defending code quality over and over again? GrumPHP will do it for you! This composer plugin will register some git hooks in your package repository. When somebody commits changes, GrumPHP will run some tests on the committed code. If the tests fail, you won't be able to commit your changes. This handy tool will not only improve your codebase, it will also teach your co-workers to write better code following the best practices you've determined as a team.

GrumPHP has a set of common tasks built-in. You will be able to use GrumPHP with a minimum of configuration."

Jun 30, 16

"Apollo is an incrementally-adoptable data stack that manages the flow of data between clients and backends. Based on GraphQL, it gives you a principled, unified, and scalable API for developing modern apps on top of services."

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