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Tobias Jordans

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Aug 26, 16

Gewohnheiten / Habits erzeugen mit Hilfe

Aug 26, 16

"Tone of voice is a complicated and nuanced aspect of your digital copy. However, as this study shows, the impacts of tone on brand perception are significant enough to merit your attention. Tone of voice can and should be tested, just like other pieces of the user experience.

Aug 26, 16

"Combining a unique icon with a color for each type of indicator used within a design proved to perform the best out of all the variations for all UX metrics we measured."

Aug 18, 16

Sehr gut gemachte Integration von Karten und Listen. Mit Distanzberechnung passend zum Verkehrsmittel.

  • When a new version of Photoshop or Fireworks came out, you’d assess the new features to decide whether they were worth the price of the upgrade.
  • Subscription works well for products you use on a daily basis.
  • In doing so, subscription also locks us in, making it psychologically harder for us to try alternatives.

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