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Feb 25, 15

Cómo aprender Go de forma divertida como si fuese un juego

Feb 22, 15

"After Installing clean FreeBSD Server, it is important to harden the server to enhancce the server security. In general “Hardening” means making some changes on spongy material or surface so that it becomes more stronger than before and harder to disfigurement. Similarly, Hardened servers are more resistant to security issue than the non-hardened servers. Nowadays everything is online and there are a lot of attacks on servers, so server hardening is an absolute must."

Feb 17, 15

"LXC is a lightweight “virtualization” method to run multiple virtual units (containers, akin to “chroot”) simultaneously on a single control host. Containers are isolated with Kernel Control Groups (cgroups) and Kernel Namespaces.

LXC provides an operating system-level virtualization where the Kernel controls the isolated containers. With other full virtualization solutions like Xen, KVM, or libvirt the processor simulates a complete hardware environment and controls its virtual machines."

Feb 17, 15

"Rolling with snapshots
is not as scary as most people think. From the outside the OpenBSD upgrade process, especially when following bleeding edge development looks really intensive and risky. Here's how I feel about it after regular weekly snapshot upgrades for the past 7 weeks."

Feb 16, 15

If you want to create your own SSL certificates for things such as Apache you need a CA. You can buy an SSL certificate generated by a trusted CA such as Thwate or Verisign, or you can generate one yourself using OpenSSL. Before generating your OpenSSL CA you should edit your openssl.cnf file to save yourself time. This file is used everytime you use OpenSSL and it stores the defaults for many of the things that you are prompted for everytime.

Jan 03, 15

Cómo usar un wifi haswell de Intel en FreeBSD (mientras viene y no viene el nuevo iwi).

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