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Ton Zijlstra

Ton Zijlstra's Public Library

14 Apr 14

The study, published April 10 in Public Library of Science Computational Biology (open access), relies on two leading mathematical models that have been shown to accurately describe human circadian rhythms. The researchers used these equations and a technique called optimal control theory to calculate ideal adjustment schedules for more than 1,000 possible trips.

The app gives users access to these schedules. Start by entering your typical hours of light and darkness in your current time zone, then choose the time zone you’re traveling to and when, as well as the brightest light you expect to spend the most time in during your trip (indoor or outdoor.) The app offers a specialized plan and predicts how long it will you take to adjust.

10 Apr 14

Rotterdams budget data for 2014 visualized, based on Provided by a departing councilmember as a quality impulse for the city. Lacks spending data.

09 Apr 14

This app directly pulls data from and resells it. Criticised because it promises to be up to data even though the data source used isn't, therefore deemed not usable for legal pro's

09 Apr 14

The purpose of is to gather information about the contents of the current Swedish law, and to present this as simply and comprehensibly as possible. The service includes all laws and regulations contained in the Swedish Code of Statutes (SFS), and many guiding judicial decisions, including all Supreme Court findings published in NJA since 1981. For the most important laws there are also comments explaining and adding examples to the rules and paragraphs.

09 Apr 14

'Sun Atlas' helps you find out if your roof is suited for PV installations, estimates costs and returns and connects you to potential suppliers for an offer. Uses gov data for location of buildings and addresses (BAG), and gov radar / laser telemetry (AHN2) to determine roof height and slope.

08 Apr 14

App lets you compare old photos/postcards with curent situation. Uses open geo data, POI, monuments and cultural heritage. Conceived for Flanders, and won 1st prize at AppsforFlanders 2013. Went on to win AppsforEurope in 2014. See

08 Apr 14

See Apps4Europe winner. App for cycling in various EU cities.

07 Apr 14

Datavisualization of real time position of trains in Germany. Worked 2012 and 2013, until German railway changed the API and data structures that this application was based on.

07 Apr 14

Interactive data driven journalism piece on flights over Berlin that are too low and create noise

11 Mar 14

using data as source for participation along 1 road.

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