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Tom Raftery

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about 16 hours ago

RT @ClimateCentral: Future ice melt in Antarctica means IPCC sea level rise estimates are likely on the low side: ht…

Aug 27, 15

Analyst @TomRaftery explains how the #IoT can counter climate change

Aug 26, 15

RT @AsapSCIENCE: How they sharpen pencils in a factory. (via @giphy)

Aug 26, 15

RT @Reuters: Two Virginia television journalists fatally shot in on-air attack

Aug 21, 15

Join @BoobBoo and I for this week's #TechForGood show - kicks off in 15 minutes at

Aug 21, 15

RT @INTLSpectator: Oil price (Brent), August of year.

2010: $84
2011: $94
2012: $98
2013: $110
2014: $98

Current: $46…

Aug 11, 15

3M and LG Chem work on 500 km Battery
#nickel #cobalt #manganese (NCM) in #lithium #batteries
– Prof Ray Wills (ProfRayWills)

Aug 10, 15

Norway needs to shift focus from Oil&Gas. Guess I moved at the right time @TomRaftery
– Njål Stabell (njasta)

Aug 09, 15

Watching replay of latest Technology for Good webcast with @TomRaftery & @BoobBoo
– Graham Robinson (grahamrobbo)

Aug 09, 15

"Yolk-and-shell" #titanium/#aluminium #nanoparticle boosts #lithium #batteries capacity, power
– Prof Ray Wills (ProfRayWills)

Aug 07, 15

Prepping for this week’s #TechForGood show - Join us at 5pm CET, 4pm GMT, 11am ET, 8am PT at
Not long before this weeks #techforgood - been a few weeks and missed my buddy @TomRaftery :-) Come and join us
– Chris Kernaghan (BoobBoo)

Jul 29, 15

@EPA ranks @SAP one of the top 100 green power users in the U.S. SAP runs power solely on RES @TomRaftery
– Andrea Kaufmann (AndreaKaufmann)

Jul 28, 15

@TomRaftery + 100 - OTOH, let's remember there are beautiful human/animal interactions too - Still gives me chills.
– skeohan (skeohan)

Jul 28, 15

@TomRaftery very depressing to learn of this
– Tammy Powlas (tpowlas)

Jul 28, 15

Hillary Clinton unveils a climate change plan even more far-reaching than Obama's

Jul 27, 15

This cool wearable for teenaged girls can help them learn how to code

Jul 21, 15

@monkchips y u no mention OSF funded greenhost? /cc @tomraftery
– BenJam (BenJam)

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