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about 2 hours ago

This site is intended to further the learning of those creating Google Sites.

May 11, 15

Edchat Interactive is replacing talking head webinars with an awesome interactive online PD experience

May 08, 15

Get your kid up off the couch and active by using technology to your advantage! Check out our list of 8 of the best health / fitness apps for kids!

May 01, 15

Website sent from Maureen Atkinson re: iPad integration in the classroom

Apr 24, 15

Find free presentation templates and focus on communicating your ideas. Create meaningful content and use these free template designs to give your audience a beautiful and memorable experience.

Apr 24, 15

Create a hashtag widget to embed in websites - step by step instructions through photos, not video. Remember your site needs to be public via link or full open.

Apr 24, 15

Step-by-Step video of how to embed a Twitter Hashtag code into Google Sites, but make sure your site is available to public by link or open URL

Mar 30, 15

Every conference and meeting needs to have a purpose, without a clear goal your intended message will get lost in a sea of information that might not even be relevant to what you want to say.

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