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Tiffanie Wick

Tiffanie Wick's Public Library

Apr 28, 16

Fantastic (and fun!) resource to wade the treacherous waters of copyright.

Mar 17, 16

Search for a film title using keywords/descriptors, genre, actors, directors, etc.

Mar 17, 15

A global science gateway—accelerating scientific discovery and progress through a multilateral partnership to enable federated searching of national and international scientific databases and portals.

Feb 04, 15

Set Scholar to show your library's links to electronic resources; authentication needed for non-Western IPs

Feb 02, 15

Journal table of contents selected by and sent to you.

Jan 27, 15

The LOCKSS Program is an open-source, library-led digital preservation system built on the principle that "lots of copies keep stuff safe."

The LOCKSS system is the first and only mechanism to apply the traditional purchase-and-own library model to electronic materials. The LOCKSS system allows librarians at each institution to take custody of and preserve access to the e-content to which they subscribe, restoring the print purchase model with which librarians are familiar. Using their computers and network connections, librarians can obtain, preserve and provide access to purchased copies of e-content. This is analogous to libraries' using their own buildings, shelves and staff to obtain, preserve and provide access to paper content. The LOCKSS model restores libraries' ability to build and preserve local collections.

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