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  • If you live outside the United States, our services are now provided to you by Twitter International Company, our company based in Dublin, Ireland. Twitter International Company will be responsible for handling your account information under Irish privacy and data protection law, which is based on the European Union’s Data Protection Directive.

  • A recent study found that almost half of the impact of a video ad is realized when people have seen three seconds or less of it. In addition, nearly three-quarters of brand lift, a positive shift in awareness and perception, is gained within the first 10 seconds of a video
  • conducted by research company Neilson on behalf of the Facebook

  • Uber drivers often own their own cars and work less than 40 hours a week, while most yellow taxis are owned by cab companies, have more than one driver and are on the road close to 24 hours a day.
  • some Uber riders have complained about fare add-ons for larger vehicles and “surge pricing” during rush hour, bad weather or holidays
  • some drivers and their advocates grumbled that Uber's growth has flooded the market, lowering average incomes for all drivers.

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  • AUSTIN, Texas — Twitter tried raining on Meerkat's parade last Friday when it cut off the app's ability to access the microblogging network's social graph. But apparently, those efforts failed.

    Meerkat, a live-streaming app that automatically tweets out a link to your followers, saw its user base jump at least 30%, Ryan Cooley, the company's community director, told Mashable.

  • Meerkat, a live-streaming app that automatically tweets out a link to your followers, saw its user base jump at least 30%, Ryan Cooley, the company's community director, told Mashable.
Mar 16, 15

|LIVE NOW| Help me put Tech News Today together. #meerkat

  • Gigaom’s research business had actually become a significant drag on the company.
  • While it had started out as a “pro” subscription business charging individuals as much as $299 a year, after a couple of pivots, the company’s research arm was now focused on creating custom white papers and other products, like Webinars, for corporate clients. While that group booked $8 million in business last year, it wasn’t profitable. That was partly due to high sales and product costs and but also because some of that $8 million never materialized as the company didn’t create the work it was supposed to

  • the “SimCity” model of growing
  • Third Door Media started in late 2006. It never took investment. We grew our staff as our revenue grew, according to our business plans
  • The publishing world is broad, incredibly broad. I read these articles about the giants and the wanna-be giants, and I have an inner sigh that they’re not capturing the whole story about the publishing and journalism revolution that’s continuing.

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  • there was literally no talk of even layoffs.There was no talk of having to cut back. There were no austerity measures. We just got a phone call Monday afternoon saying “Be on the phone in an hour.” And the CEO said they were shutting it down and we were all out of work
  • to some extent we were too small to be huge and mass and successful in scale like a BuzzFeed or a Vox or Vice, but too big to be the kind of business that Danny Sullivan is describing. We were sort of caught in the middl
  • There’s a sort of barbell effect: If you are super small and super focused and super niche you can succeed, arguably. And if you’re super huge and mass and gigantic and growing quickly, you can succeed. But in the middle, is death. The valley of death. So arguably we got caught in that valley of death

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  • Last year, venture capital poured at least $683 million into digital media companies worldwide -- more than twice the $277 million invested in 2013, according to Preqin
  • the digital ad market is a bare-knuckle brawl for money. Digital-ad buyers are beating up publishers on the amount they'll pay for an ad, causing the rates to spiral downward. And most of that money is flowing toward large players like Google, Facebook and Yahoo, leaving media companies old and new to fight over what's left.
  • Here's a look at the prospects of six digital media firms with millions in private-equity backing that rely on ad revenue to some degree

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  • Twitter on Monday began giving publishers the ability to embed Twitter video on their sites,
Mar 05, 15

Today, we’re excited to announce partner audiences, a new way for advertisers to reach new and potential customers from audiences created by our Marketing Platform Partners. With partner audi...

  • Pinterest announced Thursday it would shut down affiliate links, a move that has made many bloggers angry and has others wondering what the visual social media site is planning
  • In the wake of Facebook’s not-so-subtle push toward promoted posts—the platform significantly cut reach on page posts it deemed “overly promotional” in January—the social media network announced a tool that will tell advertisers how relevant their ads are in order to make them more competitive.
  • The brains behind social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter definitely want PR and marketing pros to use the services, but company execs want it to be on their terms. Expect that the pay-to-play model will gain momentum as more businesses turn to social media to promote products and services.
Feb 11, 15

Late on Wednesday evening (February 4th, 2015), Bloomberg broke the news of a new deal between Google and Twitter. The following day Search Engine Land's Danny Sullivan put together an FAQ [...]

Feb 11, 15

auto insurance coverage that is required for them to be adequately protected for operations on the roads of Toronto. Uber Canada has assured the public

  • Cinram has signed a multi-year contract with [PIAS] to provide full order to cash fulfillment services from its Aylesbury distribution centre.


    The deal means a switch from Arvato in the UK and Ireland.

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