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  • Google is working with the social media service Twitter and major news publishers like The Guardian and The New York Times to create a new kind of web link and article storage system that would load online news articles and digital magazine pieces in a few milliseconds
  • The goal is to develop a universal standard for publishers — one that could be used to load articles more quickly wherever they appear. But accomplishing that while retaining the look and feel of those pages has proved difficult.
  • expected to be announced with initial test partners within the next four to six weeks

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  • Twitter users or Google search users who click on a link while using their phones will see full articles pop up on their screens almost immediately, instead of having to wait several seconds
  • Google and Twitter won’t host publishers’ content. Instead, the plan is to show readers cached Web pages — a “snapshot of [a] webpage,” in Google’s words — from publishers’ sites.
  • Another upside for Google is that the cached Web pages will display the original ads the publisher sold next to the story

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Sep 09, 15

Fresh Content [Weekly] is out! Stories via @kmatthews @thornley @socirelevant

  • Last year, brands received almost 22 million questions on Facebook and Twitter, according to social-marketing measurement firm Socialbakers. Most are responding: According to the firm’s analysis, roughly three-quarters of the questions posted on Facebook got a reply. At an average rate of nearly 27 hours per post, however, those responses are slower than most consumers would like.
  • Earlier this month, Facebook announced both a private messaging option for brand pages as well as a “responsiveness rating.”
  • Companies that are quick to get back to their customers can now sport a green badge on their pages, just below their profile pictures, that identify them as “very responsive.”

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  • Research published this month in the academic journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that search engine results could have a powerful effect on how people vote. It determined that if search rankings were manipulated to allow a preferred candidate to dominate the top results, it could shift voting preferences of undecided voters by at least 20 per cent

  • Proposed rules would force Uber drivers to get a regional “auxiliary taxi” licence, have commercial insurance, a GPS and a closed-circuit monitoring system

@TimDuffy A la, Midnight Cowboy?

  • “We’re working on putting a business case together,” he said. “We’re doing it with our partners and we’ve got another year or so until we’re in the decision window on things like that. But at the moment, with a lower Canadian dollar and great partnerships, we’re optimistic.”


  • Paterson stressed that GM likes to “build where they sell” and of the 140 countries GM currently sells to, Canada is fifth on the list. For the month of June, sales of Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac models were all up.


  • By having people retire, we were able to do it without having to do any layoffs,” he said.
Jul 20, 15

A new white paper on how trend detection allows companies to detect a surge of popularity in Tweets, making it easier to pick up on crises, disasters or other unexpected events.

  • you can now select which friends and Pages you would like to see at the top of your News Feed.
  • you can now see a list of the top people, Pages and groups that you’ve seen in your News Feed over the past week, and choose to unfollow any friend, Page or group if you don’t want to see their updates. You can also see who you’ve unfollowed in the past and choose to re-follow them at any time
  • To get to News Feed Preferences, tap More in the bottom right hand corner of your mobile app. News Feed Preferences are located under Settings. You can come back at any time to update your choices.


  • Starting today, advertisers can access key insights about the people they reach with ad campaigns and through tailored audiences.
  • information about user demographics, interests, purchasing behavior
  • allow marketers to pinpoint and target new audiences on Twitter while keeping user information private

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  • Ownership can affect coverage.
  • Concentration isn’t desirable, but, as Paul Knox, associate professor at the Ryerson University School of Journalism said: “How do you have a remedy that doesn’t constitute an assault on freedom of expression?
  • does newspaper and broadcast ownership matter as much when online alternatives like, The Tyee and Canadaland are proliferating?

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  • “A quarter-of-a-million people or more don’t have a family doctor.”


    The pair called for more team-based care in the province’s small and rural communities, where nurse practitioners and other health-care workers could take some of the burden off family doctors.

  • Kamloops-North Thompson MLA and Minister of Health Terry Lake said he agrees with the NDP that a team-based approach works, but said it’s not an across-the-board solution.


    “Ontario has done a lot of work in these family health centres and, what they’ve done in Ontario is, they’ve actually put a bit of a hold on it because what they were seeing is the costs were rising substantially while the number of patients being seen was going down,” he said.


    Lake said B.C. prefers to use the team model for mental-health and substance-abuse treatment, as well as for care for lower-income patients.


  • Attention Metrolinx representatives: your attendance is requested in Newmarket. 


  • Specifically, council wants to hear the business case surrounding the planned two-way, all-day rail service expansion along the Barrie GO line — including the anticipated 15-minute two-way, all-day service between Toronto and Aurora — and the implications on Newmarket road crossings. Future plans for the Tannery Mall hub, level crossing upgrades, grade separated crossings, train whistling and noise reduction, a potential new station on Mulock Drive, improvements to the Water Street crossing and the potential widening of the Main Street bridge would also be discussed.

  • Patni also confirmed a Blueline driver caught on YouTube arguing with a bylaw officer has been charged with acting discourteously in front of a customer.


  • WARNING: Video below contains extremely coarse and offensive language
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