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  • These workshops will provide you with practical skills and techniques for attracting engagement audiences, building your community databases and improving your online engagement strategies.
  • to help practitioners further embrace online tools and techniques in their practice.
  • This workshop will explore ways of unpacking large strategy documents, draft plans, and recommendations in order to develop an effective online engagement experience, where participants feel involved and are aware of their ability to influence project outcomes.

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May 17, 16

@thornley A few more thoughts from my tweet :) @Inside_PR

Apr 02, 16

Want open? Here's our #Guelph community engagement framework & a couple tools #sharing #codf16

Apr 02, 16

Helping more kids go to college & university, no matter their income. Speaking with students about free tuition.

Apr 01, 16

As @Kathleen_Wynne mentions, it's an exciting day — Ontario's Open Data Directive comes into effect today! #CODF16

  •  Social licence "radicals" are delaying worthy natural resource projects and hurting Canada's social and economic fabric, Brian Lee Crowley told chambers of commerce in Dawson Creek and Fort St. John this week.
  •  Social licence "radicals" are delaying worthy natural resource projects and hurting Canada's social and economic fabric, Brian Lee Crowley told chambers of commerce in Dawson Creek and Fort St. John this week.

    • Here are the main updates for the player:

      • Customizable: Oh yes. You can change the colors!!!! We all want that!!!
      • Copy embed code: You can tell your peeps to copy the embed code and paste it on their site!
      • A Player Playlist: You can now have people binge listen to your podcast straight from a super hip playlist player. SO cool.
      • Shareable: Holy cats…you can share to Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Clammr, Pinterest AND iTunes, Stitcher and Tunein PLUS your RSS. #sweet
      • Download option: We know, a little late, BUT you can now one-click download the media file. Yeah, baby.
Nov 24, 15

Ontario is seeking public input to develop a voluntary,
third-party accessibility certification program which will recognize businesses
and organizations that have championed accessibility.</p...

Nov 05, 15

Want to follow @liberal_party cabinet members on Twitter? There's a list for that #cdnpoli

Nov 04, 15

Editorial: A hefty agenda — @Ongov passing SLAPP is "an important bulwark to free expression" via @lawtimes #onpoli

  • we begin our investigation into what some stakeholders call a process devoid of utility
  • Dr. Roger Gibbins, a 30-year professor of political science at the university of Calgary and Senior Fellow at the Canada West Foundation, thinks social license shifts the debate over development into an “amorphous swamp of opinion

  • Google is working with the social media service Twitter and major news publishers like The Guardian and The New York Times to create a new kind of web link and article storage system that would load online news articles and digital magazine pieces in a few milliseconds
  • The goal is to develop a universal standard for publishers — one that could be used to load articles more quickly wherever they appear. But accomplishing that while retaining the look and feel of those pages has proved difficult.
  • expected to be announced with initial test partners within the next four to six weeks

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  • Twitter users or Google search users who click on a link while using their phones will see full articles pop up on their screens almost immediately, instead of having to wait several seconds
  • Google and Twitter won’t host publishers’ content. Instead, the plan is to show readers cached Web pages — a “snapshot of [a] webpage,” in Google’s words — from publishers’ sites.
  • Another upside for Google is that the cached Web pages will display the original ads the publisher sold next to the story

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Sep 09, 15

Fresh Content [Weekly] is out! Stories via @kmatthews @thornley @socirelevant

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