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Jul 24, 07

1790-1970 (Inter-university Consortium for Political & Social Research)

Oct 15, 07

1982-present. Statistics relating to health, disease, & mortality, updated weekly.

Oct 15, 07

1986-2000. Covers population topics, including fertility, mortality, population size and growth, migration, nuptiality & family, research methodology, projections & predictions, historical demography, demographic & economic interrelations. Not updated.

Nov 30, 07

An (independent opinion research group that studies attitudes toward the press, politics and public policy issues. More info:

Dec 21, 09

Web-based mapping application that allows you to create thematic maps and reports using demographic, business and marketing data. Data can be downloaded for use with other software such as Excel and GIS.

Dec 21, 09

Online library of the Organisation of Economic Co-operation & Development. Includes books, periodicals, and the OECD statistical databases.

Dec 23, 09

Research & datasets on census enumerations; community/urban studies; conflict; economics; education; geography & environment; government bodies; health care; international systems; political behavior & attitudes; organizational behavior; social indicators

Feb 05, 10

Demographic information about the United States, 1790 to present. Create maps and reports based on decennial censuses of 1940 to 2000.

Jul 30, 10

1994-present. Covers art, broadcasting, computers, economics, education, engineering, environment, general interest, general science, health care, international trade, management, public administration, others.

Oct 03, 10

Uses the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) protocol to gather over 11 million records of free, useful, wide-ranging digital resources hosted at over 750 institutions.

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