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May 26, 10

Searchable archive of 16th- and 17th-century State Papers Domestic, Foreign, Scotland, Ireland and Registers of the Privy Council for research and teaching projects in politics, government, and social, economic, and religious history.

May 26, 10

Searchable facsimile run of the world's most authoritative daily business newspaper. Every article and advertisement ever printed in the paper can be searched and browsed individually and page by page.

May 26, 10

Collection devoted to the transatlantic history of slavery; includes books, manuscripts, court records, and serials. The first part documents the debates surrounding slavery and its abolition in the U.S., plus the UK and other European countries, the Cari

Jun 04, 10

"[P]rimary source database focusing on adult comic books and graphic novels. Beginning with the first underground comix from the 1960’s to the works of modern sequential artists, this collection will contain more than 75,000 pages of comics and graphic no

Jun 17, 10

1728-1893. Provides full text, searchable access to The Liberator, Parts I & II, 1831-1840; The Pennsylvania Gazette, Parts I-IV, 1728-1800 and African-American Newspapers: the 19th Century, Parts I-X. African-American Newspapers includes Freedom's Jour

Jun 22, 10

Deeply excerpted compounds & related factual properties, reaction & synthesis information, and bibliographic data.

Jun 28, 10

1898-1959. Archive of materials compiled from Cuban sources, spans the period from Cuban independence to the end of the Batista regime. Covers Cuban feminism, women in politics, literature by Cuban women, & the legal status of Cuban women.

Jun 30, 10

Profiles of more than 18,000 men and women from all eras and walks of American life who have influenced and shaped American history and culture. Includes thousands of illustrations, linked cross-references, and links to select web sites. 1999 ed., updated

Jun 30, 10

Concise articles on noteworthy people in all walks of life from the British Isles and their connections overseas, from the earliest times to the end of the year 2000. No living person is included: the Dictionary’s articles are confined to people who died

Jul 02, 10

1865-present. Includes articles, books, bibliographies, catalogs, dissertations, Festschriften, iconographies, critical commentaries to complete works, ethnographic recordings, conference proceedings, electronic resources, reviews, etc.

Jul 08, 10

1984-present. Covers archaeology, geography, linguistics, philosophy, religion, sociology.

Jul 22, 10

Most complete & authoritative dictionary of the English language. 3rd edition in progress, with 2nd edition entries.

Jul 22, 10

1970-present. Agriculture, animal sciences, horticulture, hydrology.

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