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23 Jul 07

1984-present. Covers archaeology, art, classics, film, folklore, food, journalism, linguistics, music, performing arts, philosophy, religion, space, world history, world literature

  • Premier resource for film information worldwide.
    - thompsonlibrary on 2007-12-17

17 Dec 07

Coverage of legendary films, actors, actresses, directors,
writers, and other production artists through detailed essays and commentary by
experts, biographies, filmographies, comprehensive credits, production
information, major awards, & bibliogra

22 Dec 09

Together, these core resources offer comprehensive coverage to support the study of music, theatre, dance, television, film, and other performing arts.

04 Jan 10

1985-2004. Archaeology, architecture, art, children's literature, classical studies, drama, economics, fiction, film , folklore, history, linguistics, music, poetry, political science, religion, women's studies.

04 Jan 10

Information on cinema worldwide, origins to present.

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