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Jul 23, 07

1984-present. Covers archaeology, art, classics, film, folklore, food, journalism, linguistics, music, performing arts, philosophy, religion, space, world history, world literature

  • Premier resource for film information worldwide.
    - thompsonlibrary on 2007-12-17
Dec 17, 07

Online film & video reviews.

Dec 17, 07

Coverage of legendary films, actors, actresses, directors,
writers, and other production artists through detailed essays and commentary by
experts, biographies, filmographies, comprehensive credits, production
information, major awards, & bibliogra

Dec 22, 09

Together, these core resources offer comprehensive coverage to support the study of music, theatre, dance, television, film, and other performing arts.

Dec 23, 09

1864-present; index of articles in theatre, dance, & film.

Jan 04, 10

1985-2004. Archaeology, architecture, art, children's literature, classical studies, drama, economics, fiction, film , folklore, history, linguistics, music, poetry, political science, religion, women's studies.

Jan 04, 10

Information on cinema worldwide, origins to present.

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