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Nov 05, 07

Recent editions of many major reference books.

Nov 05, 07

Digital library of primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period through Reconstruction. Particularly strong in the subject areas of education, psychology, American history, sociology, religion, and science and technology.

Nov 05, 07

Digitized titles (many composed of multiple volumes) published before 1923.

Nov 25, 09

Complete content of twenty-four ASM Handbook volumes plus two ASM Desk Editions.

Dec 21, 09

Agriculture & Food, Education, Energy, Environment & Sustainable Development, Finance, Economics, Future Studies, Governance, Industry, Science & Information Technology, Social Issues, Migration, Health, Statistics, Taxation, Development, Transport

Dec 22, 09

Arts, Dictionaries, Biology, Computing, Earth Sciences, Economics, Business, History, Law, Literature, Maps, Medicine, Mythology & Folklore, Performing Arts, Mathematics, Politics, Social Sciences, Quotations, Religion & Philosophy, Sciences, Timelines

Dec 22, 09

Wide variety of subjects covered. May be "browsed" (viewed in 15-minute increments) or "checked out" for six hours at a time.

Dec 23, 09

Full-text ebooks on engineering, chemistry, & applied sciences.

Jan 04, 10

Authoritative histories in the humanities, social sciences, and of science.

Jan 04, 10

Reference materials in various subjects

Jan 04, 10

E-books on numerous subjects

May 02, 11

Applied Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Business, Certification, Computer Science, Databases, Desktop Applications, Desktop Publishing, E-Business, E-Commerce, Enterprise Computing, Graphics, Hardware, Human-Computer Interaction, Internet/Online, IT Ma

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