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Rhys Daunic

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  • It's easy to blame the media and I don't intend to make generalisations here, but I have quite literally had journalists phone me up during an unusually warm spell of weather and ask "is this a result of global warming?"
  • When I say "no, not really, it is just weather", they've thanked me very much and then phoned somebody else, and kept trying until they got someone to say yes it was.
  • Talking up of the problem then gives easy ammunition to those who wish to discredit the science.

    They do not care whether the wrong information came from the scientists or from a second-hand source, they just say (quite rightly) that it's wrong and therefore why should they trust other parts of the science?

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09 Apr 14

Pivot TV and Participant Media's animated summary of online privacy today. Also see other videos by Eyes wide open.

04 Apr 14

"Find the best digital products for your curriculum by using intuitive filters that quickly guide you through the Common Core State Standards and surface products."

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03 Apr 14

The key to helping youth navigate contemporary digital life isn't more restrictions. It's freedom-plus communication. Famed urban theorist Jane Jacobs used to argue that the safest neighborhoods were those where communities collectively took interest in and paid attention to what happened on the streets. Safety didn't come from surveillance cameras or keeping everyone indoors but from a collective willingness to watch out for one another and be present as people struggled. The same is true online.

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