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  • 3rd Graders share their thinking on Internet Research

  • I suspect that writing code will quickly become low-wage labor—first outsourced to underpaid workers in developing countries, and eventually performed by A.I. engines that write all but the most complicated scripts.
  • I think about their digital futures in precisely the same way that I believe all schools should think about educating our children: equip young people with technological agency; make sure they know how to apply their critical thinking, entrepreneurial, creative, and social skills by wielding digital tools.
  • five fundamentals

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  • Of course, “to remain globally competitive and develop engaged citizens, our schools should weave 21st century competencies and expertise throughout the learning experience. These include the development of critical thinking, complex problem solving, collaboration, and adding multimedia communication into the teaching of traditional academic subjects.
  • media literacy.
  • we engaged in peer-connected learning that highlighted 21st century skills and made an impact on our community.” What a refreshing thing to read in a government document!

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