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27 Feb 14

Fünf sichere Cloud-Dienste aus deutschen Landen

26 Feb 14

Sehr kreative Antwort - why are software estimates regularly of by a factor of 2-3?

25 Feb 14

100 Resources for iOS Developers Please Retweet! #iOS #mobile development

25 Feb 14

Welcome Flesky as a new sponsor for - the first professional iOS replacement I know of -

25 Feb 14

Flesky makes its alternative iOS keyboard available free to all developers via an updated SDK

25 Feb 14

eBook „Überwachtes Netz“ für lau

25 Feb 14

M3D: Kleiner 3D-Drucker aus Carbon für 150 Euro

25 Feb 14

Überlege mir das fürs Büro anzuschaffen:

25 Feb 14

Free new tool called @recorditapp Great for quick app screencasts for mobile app developers.

25 Feb 14

“Boycott Valentine’s Day” by @wendybythesea

09 Feb 14


05 Feb 14

Some good iOS Developer resources: @JopparMobile #iosdev

01 Feb 14

Give your @adafruit PiTFT a midnight blue hug with our new Pibow PiTFT case!

31 Jan 14

Crypto Best Practices for almost any system is available here: download the PDF #infosec #security #privacy

28 Jan 14

Does anyone know Glims []? Apparently it extends Safari with some nice-to-have functionality… #followerpower

22 Jan 14

Just found an interesting piece of software to automate workflows on OS X @viticci style! Works good so far.

22 Jan 14

Nice post by @visualino on things you should do before submitting your app to the App Store:

22 Jan 14

OSX Terminal: hold option and click a position in the current line to move your cursor to that position. #yearslost

22 Jan 14

Objective-C Object Oriented Programming

22 Jan 14

7 Simple Steps to Writing Product Descriptions that Sell

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