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13 Sep 11

30 percent of consumers changed or created a new email address in the past year. Developing key performance indicators and using them to build an engagement index is a necessary tool to determine how many of these address churning subscribers are on your list. Here's how to do it.

13 Sep 11

Four years is an awfully long time to sound the death bells for a medium that’s used daily by billions of people across the globe, especially since you can’t even register for social media service like Google+, Facebook or Twitter without a valid email address—proof that social media didn’t kill the email star; it just rode its coattails to fame.

13 Sep 11

while Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus all get tons of interest, email is quietly chugging away as the workhorse of the connected world. Email, even after discounting the volume that's spam, is used far more than Facebook and Twitter combined. How much more? Daily activity for Facebook is pegged at 60 million upates. Twitter sees about 140 million tweets per day. Email? 188 billion messages.

12 Sep 11

It astounds me that in 2011, startups and companies are sending out automated emails with no-reply email addresses. It basically says to the recipient: “I’m not interested in hearing from you by email, regardless of whether email is better or easier for you. I just don’t respect you enough to take the risk that a dozen people might reply and insult me.”

12 Sep 11

After reading this article, you will hopefully come away with a few ideas on how to start coding email designs with improved readability and usability when viewed in Web, mobile and email desktop clients alike. Also included are a variety of resources to get you on the right path with using CSS in email.

12 Sep 11

a list of some of our favourite resources to help you get through the html build process as smoothly as possible

11 Sep 11

Something that surprises me about so many of the Internet Retailer 500 is that their e-mail sign up calls to action can be so hard to find. In fact, many of them are so far below the fold, it makes you wonder whether the care about growing their e-mail program.

11 Sep 11

emails are typically opened during the morning hours between 7 am and 10 am which supports the data discussed in the section Open And Click Rates By Time Scheduled. During this time email open rates maintain a steady climb until noon, at which point open rates begin to slowly decline.

01 Sep 11

Retailers are more focused on using their email programs to promote their social communities and less focused on email for social sharing, according to the findings of Responsys’ latest report, Viral & Community Links in Emails.

29 Aug 11

unless Groupon figures out that subscriber acquisition is not the end-all and be-all of email marketing, it may become the poster child for both email marketing success and failure.

20 Aug 11

tips and examples to guide you through your first communications with your subscribers, starting with your web form.

29 Jul 11

dotMailer’s annual email marketing benchmark study released recently “Hitting the Mark” reveals that, despite ticking the boxes when it comes to the basics of email marketing, top UK retailers are still failing to get the best results from email by neglecting advanced techniques like social media bookmarking links, personalisation and post-sales marketing.

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