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Thomas Galvez

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  • Anything presented in text, whatever the type—characters, pictograms, onomatopoetic expressions—can be interpreted in some way. And court cases involving unconventional, unpronounceable type aren't rare
  • But the definitions of emojis will raise questions soon, because emojis are essentially fuzzy in definition. They're embedded in complicated social context, making them open to interpretation
  • The expressions on a person's face can't be translated perfectly in text, even if emojis include a set of varied faces. "Face-to-face, you get intonation, speech tempo, hand gestures, furrowed brows," he tells me. "We're trying to make sense of an impoverished channel of communication. We're trying to make ourselves understood." So, a wide smile in emoji form may not mean joy, but could instead mean a variety of expressions not easily interpreted by the receiver of the message

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