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  • ut a growth mindset is none of those things. It is the belief that qualities can change and that we can develop our intelligence and abilities.
  • The reason that this definition of growth mindset is important is that research has shown that this specific belief leads people to take on challenges, work harder and more effectively, and persevere in the face of struggle, all of which makes people more successful learners.
  • When people newer to the growth mindset framework initially learn about this research, they sometimes conclude that we should simply praise children for working hard. But this is a nascent level of understanding.

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Nov 15, 15

"In summary, to determine whether one may perform an audio or videotape or a record or compact disc without permission of the copyright owner, the first question is whether the performance of the videotape is a public performance. If the performance is a public performance, it may nonetheless be permissible as a teaching activity of a nonprofit educational institution, as a nonprofit educational broadcast of a non-dramatic literary or musical work, or as an otherwise allowed nonprofit public performance of a non-dramatic literary or musical work. If the activity does not qualify for exemption under any of those sections of the law, request the permission of the copyright owner before performing the work."

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