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  • I have 7 cans left I just bought them (then the doctor said to change the baby to milk, not expired. Expiration date is September and October of 2014 Is anyone interested? Located in Algonquin
    Price regularly for ALL seven cans would be $115.00 (retail price)
    I would like at least $75.00 but need to get rid of. Please make an offer
    All Cans are unopened

  • Firmware Upgrade

  • Cyanogen Mod 10 firmware update arrives for Motorola Atrix 2 smartphone and is called as the most stable custom ROM firmware which ropes in the latest Cyanogen mod 10 firmware update. This CM 10 built brings the joyful Jellybean 4.1.1 firmware update and all the Google Jellybean 4.1.1 Stock firmware apps. All thanks to XDA Forum Member wanggjghost and his team for bringing this awesome firmware. Unfortunately, there is no ETA on by when there will be an official Jellybean 4.1.1 firmware update for Motorola Atrix 2 and we don’t think Motorola will be coming up with this update any time soon. In the last article we saw on how you can root the Motorola Atrix 2
  • Minimum charge left in the device should be more than 30% so as to make sure that your Atrix 2 device doesn’t get switch off in the process of firmware update. Disable all the antivirus tools in your device as it may interfere with the firmware update. Head over to the path “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging”, enable the USB Debugging by selecting the appropriate option in your Motorola Atrix 2.
  • Though most of the features are working in this built, but there are quite a few things which doesn’t work which are camera & video.
Nov 22, 12

This site is an easy way to see what all browsers see your page.

          Nov 30, 2011  6:13 AM      in reply to David Healy  
        <!-- [DocumentBodyStart:84c97a91-3ce3-4bea-b673-bdd4960d331d] -->

      FOUND THE ANSWER!!!!!!!


      Add a code snippet to loop an animation

      New to Preview 3 is the addition of code snippets. These are little pieces of JavaScript code that can be added to your movie for common tasks such as looping. In this exercise you are going to do just that. When the movie finishes you want to loop back to the 5-second point on the Timeline. Here's how:

      1. Make sure the playhead is at the end of the Timeline.
      2. Scroll to the top of the Timeline panel and click the little icon that looks like a small scroll beside Actions. This icon is called the Open Timeline Actions icon.
      3. You will be prompted to add an event. Select the complete event from the pop-up menu (see Figure 20). If you don't see the pop-up menu, click the + button.


           Figure 20. You can choose from four Timeline events.  

        Figure 20. You can choose from four Timeline events. 



      1. The Default Timeline dialog box will now change to show you a number of snippets that can be added to the Timeline (see Figure 21).
      2. Select Go To and Play from the list. When you make this choice the code snippet shown in Figure 21 appears.



           Figure 21. Code snippets can be added to the Timeline and you can use your own values.

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