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Tia Simmons

Tia Simmons's Public Library

@MD_ProfLearning @mscolella we had a great 1st day #mdccrc #mdlearns

A much needed cocktail - bunnies like margaritas too!!! #iste2015

We're going to #ISTE2015 - let us know if you'll be there, too :) We're throwing a private party for the ClassDojo community!

@sarahdateechur surprised our paths haven't crossed yet at ISTE. Let's try to fix that, soon!
May 21, 15

Coding resources & links Symbaloo via @troycherry @TheHomeworkDog #coding #kidscancode

Good to know! YouTube keyboard shortcuts: - k = pause or play - j = rewind 10 seconds - l = fast-forward 10 seconds - m = mute
May 19, 15

Summer iPad Lesson iDeas (via

May 19, 15

This is a nice comparison chart of the features of formative assessment tools PearDeck, Kahoot, and Quizziz:

May 19, 15

25 Ways to Use the iPad in the Classroom by Degree of Difficulty -

May 14, 15

Create your own digital graphic organizers easily with GroupMap:

This has been a great #teacherapprecationweek thanks to my wife and my students. I couldn't have asked for more.
May 09, 15

#Symbaloo - a way to visually organize the best of the web. Here's a great #elementary #sci...

May 09, 15

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers (Who Use Technology!)

Dear Teachers, Thank you. You know why. Sincerely, Discovery Education
May 05, 15

"You matter. You matter to us." —President Obama to young boys and men of color #MyBrothersKeeper allows you to quickly create a classroom poll; no registration required. Good for students to use to ask questions.
May 05, 15

75% of students believe they should be able to use a mobile device during school for learning

Words matter....choose them carefully. They can hurt someone as much as lift them up.

MT @edjawz: Love this SAMR infographic; very easy for teachers to understand:"
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