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  • we have pieced together a rough picture of what the Iranian government’s Internet firewall appears to be doing
  • Interestingly, game protocols like xbox and World of Warcraft show little evidence of government manipulation.


    Perhaps games provide a possible source of covert channels (e.g. “Bring your elves to the castle on the island of Azeroth and we’ll plan the next Ahmadinejad protest rally?”)

    • Shelly Blake-Plock
      Shelly Blake-Plock on Jun 21, 09

      VR MMOGs can be an excellent place to organize all sorts of things.

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  • To supplement reporting by New York Times journalists inside Iran on Saturday, The Lede will continue to track the aftermath of Iran’s disputed presidential election online, as we have for the last several days
    • Shelly Blake-Plock
      Shelly Blake-Plock on Jun 20, 09

      This is the future of newsreporting: a synthesis of professional reporters in the field, a variety of bloggers, and Tweets and other social media supported by citizens experiencing events and commented on around the world in real-time.

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  • This was phenomenal. The armed special forces of the Islamic Republic, hitherto always allies of the Basiji, were prepared for once, it seemed, to protect all Iranians, not just Ahmadinejad's henchmen. The precedent for this sudden neutrality is known to everyone – it was when the Shah's army refused to fire on the millions of demonstrators demanding his overthrow in 1979.

  • "We highlighted to them that this was an important form of communication," said a State Department official of the conversation the department had with Twitter officials.
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