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Luke Watkinson

Luke Watkinson's Public Library

12 Sep 12

12/09/2012 - Great range of ice breakers, many of which could be used for meeting new classes, circle time, PSHE etc.

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15 Jul 12

15/07/2012 - A well-resourced and comprehensive site, suitable for some of the science taught at upper key stage 2 and beyond (8-11+).

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08 Jul 12

08/70/2012 - "Here at Literacy Shed we aim to provide exciting teaching ideas for the resources that we would love to use if only we had the time to find them."

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07 Apr 12

07/04/2012 - "Every day educators must remember two things.
1) We are not teaching subjects. We are teaching children.
2) Children are more than test scores. Every day educators must do two things:
1) Be aware of how you are supporting your children in doing work that is worthy of the world.
2) Ensure each child knows that they matter."

07 Apr 12

07/04/2012 - randomly allocate a class into anywhere between 2 and 15 teams

20 Nov 11

20/11/2011 - Stunning images with accompanying text. Ideal for setting and description, or reading comprehension if the text were simplified for the audience.

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