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Jenny Grabiec

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Feb 28, 15

NEW POST! iBook: iOS Accessibility Tools from #adedu @techgirljenny - learn all about these special iOS features…
iBook: iOS Accessibility Tools from #adedu @techgirljenny - learn special iOS features #edtech #ipaded
iBook: iOS Accessibility Tools from #adedu @techgirljenny - learn special iOS features #edtech #ipaded

Feb 27, 15

3 Tips for Presenting to an Unfamiliar Audience

Feb 25, 15

@KristinZiemke we don't push Ts. Push a push pop #ADEchat

Feb 24, 15

Consider supporting this super awesome teachers classroom project to get a 3D printer

Feb 23, 15

"Technology is ruining teaching." Agree or disagree? #iOSedchat #4thchat #5thchat #edtech

Feb 23, 15

How to get stubborn colleagues excited about technology #ADEdu #ipaded

Feb 23, 15

The Myth of the Minecraft Curriculum #edtech #edchat @farrismj

Feb 23, 15

Chrome Extension - Gradebook Split via @alicekeeler #gafe #edtech #wiedu #techcoach

Feb 20, 15

Is Keyboarding Dead? - I was on one of my tech teacher forums--where I keep up to date on changes in...

Feb 19, 15

@techgirljenny We're a team of Ts and tech specialists & would love for you to join us in a podcast on iPads/literacy

Feb 18, 15

@techgirljenny You're welcome! Blogged about it here #ADEchat

Feb 18, 15

Stop Saying "It's Easy" and "Try Harder" to Your Dyslexic Child - A Mama's Story #dyslexia

Feb 18, 15

@techgirljenny That makes me #edcampQC

Feb 15, 15

Trying to get your teachers connected? Try a district-wide Twitter contest--> #edtech #edchat #satchat

Feb 14, 15

@techgirljenny I think it was Google Story Builder

Feb 11, 15

Hey @MathletePearce @ShannonSoger @techgirljenny @sjgorman - Recognize that Appmazing team on this post? - @edutopia

Feb 10, 15

RT @ipadteachers: Teacher Guide to iPad with video tutorials for using Green Screen + 500 #ipaded ideas…

Feb 09, 15

Wow! Thanks, Jenny! RT @techgirljenny: Hoping these rock stars apply! @theipodteacher @ZigZagsTech @mrbadura

Feb 09, 15

Talking about Google Classroom RIGHT NOW on - join us! @jencmiller @alicekeeler @nbasinet @TeacherCast @SamPatue

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