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Jenny Grabiec

Jenny Grabiec's Public Library

about 14 hours ago

@techgirljenny @patti_weiss here is the entire day... All staff received PLN training. #ADEChat

about 14 hours ago

@techgirljenny Do you know the book Bernstein Bears Computer Trouble.. a great way to discuss this topic. #ADEchat

about 14 hours ago

A4 Become certified in Digital Citizenship for Educators-Innovative Teacher Academy #ADEchat

about 14 hours ago

@techgirljenny my district did a K-12 PLN training recently & we got almost all faculty on Twitter! #ADEChat

Mar 28, 15

@techgirljenny Amen. I've been thinking a lot about that lately: filtering the world through our screens. #satchat

Mar 27, 15

@techgirljenny you’re welcome! Here are the ones posted on my blog too -

Mar 25, 15

Loving what @techgirljenny is doing with iBA & iTunesU for elementary Ss. Can’t wait to see her at #iste15 #adechat

Mar 25, 15

Study Shows iPads Could Improve Literacy Skills in Young Children via @inform_ed #ade2015

Mar 24, 15

iTunesU NF Rdg Course by 5th Graders! @JennKeanT @MisterMinor @KristinZiemke @techgirljenny @DrEricWood #apschats

Mar 23, 15

MT Agree! The Best Chromebook is... an iPad. @techgirljenny @iPodsibilities @WiredEducator #edtech #ipaded

Mar 20, 15

Look at what was in my @timehop! @sjunkins @techgirljenny

Mar 18, 15

@glynn_ed @techgirljenny @mrbadura I've added #iOSedChat
to @Chatsalad, @CASScotland may want to check this chat out

Mar 13, 15

Great breakfast w @GuyKawasaki & @TechChef4u! Check out @canvaed! #SXSWedu #ADEChat

Mar 13, 15

Congrats, you just hit the formative assessment jackpot:

Mar 10, 15

iOS 8 Accessibility Mini Book this is a great book if you are using iPad in education @techgirljenny great stuff

Mar 10, 15

TY @techgirljenny NewiBook: iOS8Access - #ADEdu #ATchat #hybrEdtech. A staple for our YA Ss transitioning to employ.

Mar 10, 15

You’ll be able to try on and learn more about #AppleWatch at Apple Retail Stores April 10. #AppleLive

Mar 08, 15

Thoughtful, must read from @Jason_Ribeiro
2015 the Year of the IT Leader in Education @techgirljenny #tfsk12

Mar 06, 15

@techgirljenny cool i will tweet ya more details soon. We will be going live with a challengepost event to promote
Thnx @techgirljenny and @cicohen for hosting #ibookschat. Dreamt about widgets all night. Plz help spread info on

Mar 06, 15

kfblades: RT wfryer: #ncties15 resource page: Minecraft for Non-Gamers!

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