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Jenny Grabiec

Jenny Grabiec's Public Library

Apr 30, 16

Friday: #uLead16

Apr 29, 16

@JennyGrabiec @glowforge it's actually a laser cutter that's super safe for students. Check out the review in Make

Apr 28, 16

@JennyGrabiec Thanks for sharing your presentations. Love the news/green screen info

Apr 26, 16

Hey Reshan!!! Don't you have to be a #Goldie to have that? @JennyGrabiec @SeanOGraTek

Apr 20, 16

#atchat #ldchat #ipaded Please add on & pass on to others who could help. Via @JennyGrabiec @ATDyslexia @JhJhersh

Apr 13, 16

A5 - One of the best Podcasts around...especially for entrepreneurs - #adechat

Apr 13, 16

@JennyGrabiec @jeffsutherland Yep, I listened to it. @audible_com Rocks! It was a good PD book study. #ADEChat

Apr 13, 16

Watching @thomascmurray watch @jcorippo participate in #adechat is just #meta. Or #creepy.

Apr 13, 16

Patience is one of my areas of growth for sure! #adechat Book-Scrum by @jeffsutherland gives good pointers

Apr 11, 16

The first-ever Book Creator Conference, for @BookCreatorApp: October 8 in Nashville, TN

Apr 11, 16

@JennyGrabiec Voiceover recording should be working again now. Please also see the following FAQ in our Help Center:

Apr 07, 16

@skibtech @JennyGrabiec I'm using iNigma It's very simple to use and fast.

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