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Jenny Grabiec

Jenny Grabiec's Public Library

about 12 hours ago

@techgirljenny @MershonV there's resources on that should help

Apr 19, 15

Math Shake for Word Problems on iPads - a terrific student friendly app #ipaded #edtech

Apr 18, 15

NEW POST! iBook: iOS Accessibility Tools from #adedu @techgirljenny - learn all about these special iOS features…
iBook: iOS Accessibility Tools from #adedu @techgirljenny - learn special iOS features #edtech #ipaded
iBook: iOS Accessibility Tools from #adedu @techgirljenny - learn special iOS features #edtech #ipaded

Apr 18, 15

Please, Please, Please...No More Professional Development!!! #edchat #satchat #teachervoice @QISAtweets @DrRussQ

Apr 17, 15

iPad Poster Session March 20th @techgirljenny @techystacey you were part of the success of this day @DCasavecchia

Apr 17, 15

Koalas ... by Stephany @techgirljenny check out jean's YouTube channel

Apr 16, 15

#ade2015 as you await news, please read and share ur perspective--> The Three D's: Disability, Difference, Difficulty

Apr 14, 15

@techgirljenny @meesterkurt this is on our roadmap, stay up to date via our newsletter #GetSwooshed

Apr 11, 15

3 Reasons why faculty meetings are a waste of time. #edchat #leadership #satchat

Apr 08, 15

Looked like an appropriate tweet to test the new quote behavior.

Apr 04, 15

@techgirljenny Not necessarily sad- this piece highlights reasons some learners prefer print to digital: #satchathack

Apr 03, 15

The SAMR Model Explained By Students

Apr 02, 15

Distribute 'Teacher Guide for iPad' to staff & get 50% OFF with 20+ licenses. More details at

Apr 01, 15

@techgirljenny @patti_weiss here is the entire day... All staff received PLN training. #ADEChat

Apr 01, 15

@techgirljenny Do you know the book Bernstein Bears Computer Trouble.. a great way to discuss this topic. #ADEchat

Apr 01, 15

A4 Become certified in Digital Citizenship for Educators-Innovative Teacher Academy #ADEchat

Apr 01, 15

@techgirljenny my district did a K-12 PLN training recently & we got almost all faculty on Twitter! #ADEChat

Mar 28, 15

@techgirljenny Amen. I've been thinking a lot about that lately: filtering the world through our screens. #satchat

Mar 27, 15

@techgirljenny you’re welcome! Here are the ones posted on my blog too -

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