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Nov 09, 11

Adin Miller is building a collection of resources that belong in philanthropy's "canon". I add my suggestions in the comments. What would you add?

Oct 17, 11

A great profile of the impact focused philanthropy of thirtysomething billionaire couple John & Laura Arnold.

Oct 12, 11

A new professional body connecting and supporting social impact analysts worldwide. The association is modeled on the highly successful Chartered Financial Analyst society, of which I'm a member. I hope this takes off!

Oct 12, 11

A cool new group blog called Unsectored has launched. According to the authors, "This blog isn’t about nonprofits. It isn’t about for-profits. Not social entrepreneurship, nor social enterprise, nor social innovation. It’s about using the tools around us to solve the problems before us"

Oct 12, 11, where I'm on the advisory board, is profiled in the Chronicle of Philanthropy for their efforts to bring design thinking to the nonprofit world.

Oct 12, 11

A new free service from Foundation Source, previously reserved for their clients, that lets private foundations quickly and easily verify that a potential grantee is IRS-compliant.

Oct 10, 11

The Wall Street Journal offers a portrait of Steve Jobs widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, and her involvement in education focused philanthropy. 

Oct 07, 11

I've written about the book Where Good Ideas Come From and the implications for philanthropy. The author, Steven Johnson, spoke earlier this year at New Profit's annual meeting about his book and the social sector connections. Now Bill Gates has written a kind of book review.

Oct 07, 11

I think Steve Jobs had a huge positive impact on the world. Yet it has been widely noted that he did very little public charitable giving. Of course, he may well have been a big donor who gave anonymously. Now he's left an $8 billion fortune. I bet he has an interesting will.

Oct 05, 11

New York Times columnist David Brooks recently wrote a provocative article about the limits of empathy that focused on how empathy doesn't drive action, moral codes drive action. In this post, the editor of the Greater Good blog pushes back, saying that "Empathy without a moral code is futile. But a code without empathy is dangerous."

Oct 04, 11

Philanthropedia, which was acquired by Guidestar earlier this year, is hiring a new research manager. Cool job for the right person!

Sep 29, 11

Mario Morino riffs on the often head saying that business executives "check their brains at the door" when they join nonprofit boards and argues instead that what these business leaders really need to do is hang on to their courage.

Sep 27, 11

At the one year anniversary of the announcement of Mark Zuckerberg's $100 million donation to help Newark public schools, a New Jersey newspaper conducts an interim review of the results.

Sep 26, 11

Social Finance, one of the leading organizations working to bring social impact bonds to market, is building a world class board of directors. They've just added former Gates Foundation CFO Alexander Friedman, Michael Porter, a leading business thinker, Luther Ragin, formerly head of impact investments at FB Heron, now head of GIIN and Sonal Shah, former director of the office of social innovation. Wow.

Sep 21, 11

Melinda Gates joins Twitter and explains why she thinks now is the right time.

Sep 16, 11

Tom Steyer, a member of the Giving Pledge, is looking to make big waves in advocacy-philanthropy. It will be interesting to watch the degree to which Giving Pledge members engage in high profile philanthropic efforts.

Sep 15, 11

What recession? University of Southern California looks to raise a cool $6 billion (!), the largest fundraising drive in history.

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