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Soham Ghosh

Soham Ghosh's Public Library

  • volunteers for each shift. Since it is a school night we would like to reserve Shift #1 4-8p for the Philadelphia Suns and volunteers 18 under.

    Super Simple
    I'm YoursJason Mraz
Aug 15, 15

" simply starting at the front and pulling it toward the rear. It is not glued down and will slide out. Set it aside on a clean floor.

Clean the floor of the car. Vacuum the entire floor and use a hose to wash it down. Allow it to dry completely before proceeding.

Peel the protective covering off of the back of the Dynamat to expose the adhesive and apply it to the vehicle's floor. Take care to work slowly so as to eliminate air bubbles. You can trim the Dynamat to size or cut it to shape with a pair of large tin snips. Be sure to cover the entire floor and push it down evenly to smooth it out. If you get any air bubbles, use a razor blade knife to slit the bubble and push the air out with the fiberglass installation tool. Use the razor blade knife to cut around all bolt holes in the floorboards."

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