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susan van Gelder

susan van Gelder's Public Library

Apr 21, 16

"What questions am I asking today?
What answers am I seeking today?
What am I exploring today?
What am I making today?
What am I finding exciting today?
How am I playing and having fun today?
How am I using failure to inform my learning today?
What am I doing today to cooperate with others?
How am I documenting my learning today?
How am I sharing with others what I am learning today?
What am I doing today that has the potential to benefit the world?"

  • I don’t buy the focus in this post on tokenizing and textual languages.  I would hope that children would talk about feedback, and iteration, and how to build conditionals that tested what you wanted (e.g., “How would you know if that was true?” — which might lead to some great discussions about truth and experiments and science, all by itself!).  The point of a piece like Andy’s is to have these discussions, to talk about what we’d integrate and where.
Mar 03, 16

Brian Silverman, Artemis Papert, Cynthia Solomon

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