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FAIL = First Attempt In Learning. #growthmindset #mindsetforlearning
Oct 02, 15

ICYMI: The archive of Thursday night's #MindsetforLearning chat

Sep 29, 15

Love the Power of Yet: #mindsetforlearning

Sep 29, 15

@HBBB GR8 bk Every wk a video from @christine_hertz &hb @MrazKristine on #MindsetforLearning"

Sep 28, 15

VIDEO: #MindsetforLearning: Change The Thinking About Your Day @MrazKristine @christine_hertz

We bring things to conscious level of attention through conversations. @writeguyjeff #TheEdCollabGathering #6

Grammar is all about the risks. Jeff Anderson #TheEdCollabGathering

Grammar should be abt risks, trying something new in writing. Have to create environments for that! @wrtieguyjeff #TheEdCollabGathering #6

Ss are REAL writers! Why teach kids to 'Never' do things that authors do everyday? @KatieWoodRay @writeguyjeff #TheEdCollabGathering

@franmcveigh My brain is firing on all burners in every direction right now. Will do SIS! #TheEdCollabGathering

We love the first lines! #whoiszackdelacruz #TheEdCollabGathering #6 every decision has an effect

Rather calling it grammar, it's really craft. Decisions writers make can be mentors to Ss writers. @writejeffguy #TheEdCollabGathering #6

So glad all of #TheEdCollabGathering sessions are being archived! Can’t get to everything I want to see!
Sep 20, 15

Here are our slides for the #DigitalReading session for #TheEdCollabGathering #2

Penny sets goals & confers w/ readers EVERY day. We have to establish non-negotiables & not make excuses about time. #TheEdCollabGathering

Book talks! Every day! "Find the heart & voice of books to hook readers." @pennykittle #theEdCollabGathering

"Our task is to create conditions where ALL readers thrive." @pennykittle #theedcollabgathering
Sep 03, 15

Always a fun read: 30 Ways Technology Will Change Education By 2028 via @terryheick

THANKS, @sue_maloney! SO
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