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Apr 21, 15

More evidence that we should read aloud more often AND to older kids. #DefendReadAloud @StevenLayne

Let's teach the 9 C's of #DigitalLiteracy #cue15 #edchat #caedchat #edtechchat #googlect #cuerockstar #engchat #ccss
Apr 20, 15

The Grimms fairytales are classics, but did you know they've changed since the first editions? @mental_floss #lit

  • When a person thinks she is doing two things at once, she is really switching rapidly back and forth between individual tasks, eroding the attention and quality of each task in the process.
  • The problem with multitasking is it interferes with forming memories,”
  • while it has become trendy to say kids don’t need to know basic information because they can look it up on the Internet, Klemm is adamant that students cannot build more complex knowledge without information in their working memory.

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Using picture books to examine parody. The highest form of humor. Battle Bunny @Jon_Scieszka @ProfessorNana #mrahappy

@Jon_Scieszka Delighted to find this! What a gem! Kids are obsessed. I must go get cheap books we can write all over!
Mar 23, 15

More than half of Rockport high school juniors opt out of new state test via @bangordailynews

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