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Using picture books to examine parody. The highest form of humor. Battle Bunny @Jon_Scieszka @ProfessorNana #mrahappy

@Jon_Scieszka Delighted to find this! What a gem! Kids are obsessed. I must go get cheap books we can write all over!
Mar 23, 15

More than half of Rockport high school juniors opt out of new state test via @bangordailynews

Mar 18, 15

Link your Twitter account to Diigo to save your favorite tweets--cool feature!
I am now automatically saving my Twitter favorites to Diigo!

Learning curation tools makes for a busy snowy Sunday!
Mar 15, 15

@sue_maloney Yup, that was me .good eye! There was an article in the Press Herald on Mon. You can catch it on too!

Mar 14, 15

three great Diigo video tutorials:
Organize Your Research with Diigo
Online Collaboration Using Diigo Groups
Diigo for Educators

  • Once you go Diigo, you’ll never go back.
  • Like other bookmarking sites, Diigo gives you a place to store and organize bookmarks for anything you’re interested in online — think Pinterest with more words and fewer pictures.
  • maybe you want your students to begin a research project. They can work under your supervision in Diigo groups of their own, collecting resources, determining which ones are useful and which are not, practicing appropriate commenting, learning how to tag items for archiving — in other words, participating in the exchange of information and critical thinking that adult professionals do.
Mar 14, 15

Comprehensive post on curation, includes Rheingold interview, June 2014.

Mar 14, 15

Another great Edublogs PLN post, this time with a focus on incorporating Diigo into your PLN.

Pay particular attention to the section, "Organizing Diigo using Tags and Lists," as tagging will be one of the Diigo requirements over the next few weeks. Lists are being phased out and replaced by 'outliners' that work much the same way, except that outliners have more organization power!

  • content curation is an important survival skill for teachers and students today.
Mar 11, 15

@LiteracyDocent Thanks, once again, for sharing! Literacy Connections (via

Mar 09, 15

"Reading aloud to a child every day is a powerful & simple way to turn a child into a lifelong reader." #wrad #ptchat

Mar 09, 15

Elementary School Dumps Homework and Tells Kids to Play Instead And parents get pissed. #edchat #parentedu

Teenagers between 15-19 are down to reading only four minutes a day. We can change this. We have to.

Assessment should be used to spur improvement. Grading is a process that separates winners from losers (who gets an "A"---who gets an "F")

It's "Read my shirt day" at school. I think this says it all! #nerdybookclub

The student who needs the most love is often the least lovable student.
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