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about 8 hours ago

students assigned free, open textbooks do as well or better than their peers in terms of grades, course completion, and other measures of academic success. If traditional textbooks are not producing better outcomes, then what exactly are students paying for?

Sep 17, 15

Open-source textbooks are catching on in post-secondary schools looking to save students money as rising textbook costs deter them from buying course materials.

Sep 15, 15

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0 Late last year, I caught wind of an initiative that was being funded by the Gates Foundation---it had to do with redesigning the top 80 courses of Washin...

Sep 03, 15

University of Hawaii libraries' libguide on variety of OER subjects

Aug 12, 15

Curated by Clovis Perry, Jr.

Aug 11, 15

Kentucky schools K-12 already making the switch to low- or no-cost texts.

Mar 11, 15

Temple U: As textbook costs rise, teachers have looked for new methods to get their points across.

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