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about 7 hours ago

Specific (not "lose weight, but lose 15 pounds")
Measurable (not "talk to more people, but talk to at least 3 people a day")
Achievable (not more than you can really do in the time)
Results Oriented (focued on the true final ends, not an activity that might or might not be ueful)
Time-based (have a real-time deadline, "someday" things never get done)

Oct 08, 15

students assigned free, open textbooks do as well or better than their peers in terms of grades, course completion, and other measures of academic success. If traditional textbooks are not producing better outcomes, then what exactly are students paying for?

Oct 08, 15

Nurturing lives harmed by intimate partner abuse in central Kentucky.

Oct 08, 15

The Nest Center for Women, Children, and Families is a local nonprofit organization that provides a safe place for education, counseling, and support to children and families in crisis.

Oct 07, 15

More math videos

Oct 05, 15

The best way to move forward is with purpose and – fittingly – clarity. Taking a Clarity Day will give you a better chance to achieving that.

Oct 05, 15

Whichbook is a unique site for choosing what to read. Whichbook offers choices which are not available anywhere else – mood, emotion, plot shape, type of main character, country the book is set in.

Oct 05, 15

Upcoming local events, concerts, festivals, kids events, pet events, and more in Lexington metro area. Comprehensive listing of the most popular events.

Oct 05, 15

In some of the week's most striking images, a daredevil attempts a record-setting walk, bodybuilders flex their muscles, and more

Sep 29, 15

Patrick Allan wrote a great original article for LifeHacker about being bullied and ways to stop it. He talks about what it's like to be bullied...

Sep 22, 15

GitHub is a way for software engineers to shape and collaborate on code. But it's also a good way of teaching people to do the same thing.

Sep 21, 15

Children in a remote village in the Dominican Republic have an extremely unusual condition.

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