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Nov 18, 15

The largest vendor for feature film is, of course, Amazon, for DVDs. But
many foreign films are handled through smaller distributors such as First Run Icarus, and Cinema Guild. And Midwest Tape, mentioned by others, is also a source of many many titles on DVD.

You did not indicate so in your original post, but IF you are interested
in streaming access to feature films there are multiple options, all
varying widely in what they provide and how they are priced.

Feature film in streaming is always going to be through term license
arrangements. No one provides streaming feature films with in perpetuity licenses.

The Criterion Collection, a highly regarded collection of masterful film,
is available from two vendors: Alexander Street, and Kanopy. The
collection is the same, the base pricing is the same. But Alexander
Street¹s files are, in my opinion, the better, higher resolution.

Alexander Street ALSO offers a number of film collections separate from the Criterion Collection: Asian Film, Silent Film, New World Cinema Independent Features and Shorts, plus their document collections: American Film Scripts, and Film Scripts Online. I know you can license individual titles. Contact Kat Cook to be connected to the appropriate reps at Alexander Street:

Best known for title by title licensing is Swank Digital Campus, mentioned by others responding. The base pricing of about $75 per title per semester is roughly equivalent to the $150 per one-year term-license in other distributors¹ pricing models for term licenses. There is the possibility of volume discounts, and Swank is offering subscription bundles. Contact Mike Eyler. for more information:

The other major player in general mass entertainment film, and handling
the studios that Swank does not is Criterion Pictures USA (NOT to be
confused with the Criterion Collection offered thru Alexander Street) The terms are very similar to Swank¹s, and Criterion Pictures USA also offers a subscription model. Contact for Ed Murphy further information.

Films Media Group (distributors of Films on Demand) has a stand-alone
subscription collection of almost 400 World Cinema titles. Contact
information on their site

These are the major players in streaming feature film content.

I hope this information helps.

deg farrelly
Media Librarian/Streaming Video Administrator
Arizona State University Libraries
Tempe, AZ 85287-1006

Nov 16, 15

I have incorporated several of the movements i've learned into my warm-ups and cool downs (or anywhere I can fit them into my daily life) and I am...

Nov 16, 15

By looking deep into the darker trends and episodes in US history, these brave works help show how America became the land it is today, and how we might start to change it.

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