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23 Apr 14

13.3b (China) vs 791m (US) infrastructure financing in Africa. See page 2:
Private Equity investment map of Africa for 2013: (PDF link, by @AfricaAssets)

17 Apr 14

Flying a Wi-Fi Pineapple really high with a drone (video):

14 Apr 14

My short talk, Avoiding Digital Feudalism, from TEDxBrighton in Oct is finally up:

Also see:

05 Apr 14

"Why are the Cable operators adopting the “Community Wi-Fi” concept instead of the mobile operators?"

05 Apr 14

.@jwanj Fiber optic cables: How they work @stevesong

04 Apr 14

“any information that distinguishes one person from another can be used for re-identifying anon data” @random_walker

02 Apr 14

I just signed the "No spyware for dictators" petition and I think you should too.

02 Apr 14

View the eBook or download? @AfDB_Group's "Evaluation Matters: Gender Inequality and You" Is open on

01 Apr 14

Spotify engineering culture (part 1) #management #trust #agility

01 Apr 14

@stevesong @aeyakuze @JonMWelch

31 Mar 14

“Tech companies making a play to put the Internet in everything. Here’s why you should be nervous.” via @annegalloway

30 Mar 14

Boah, find ich das cool! Village Telco:
Webhost enabled #IPv6. Details:

28 Mar 14

.@bill_easterly on the @TheHumanosphere speaking about his new book, 'Tyranny of Experts.' Great podcast.

28 Mar 14

<Reviewing> The way @drawnalism use data and feeling grateful for advice at via @stevesong

28 Mar 14

Internet is becoming more accessible and affordable in #Africa @africarenewal @iHub @stevesong #mobile #Kenya

28 Mar 14

Spectrum and the Paradox of the ITU -
Very interesting entry by @stevesong about spectrum harmonisation

28 Mar 14

Hayek on markets as social institutions, not free-for-alls. Another terrific @3ammagazine Friday philosophy fest:

28 Mar 14

Automation of the procurement processes can significantly help reduce corruption.

28 Mar 14

The best wireless hacking resource on the web:

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