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Mar 30, 15

Slides from #AgileIndia2015 now loaded

Mar 30, 15

As an aside, if you haven't seen this season's Archer computer screen easter egg, check this out: < Brilliant.

Mar 28, 15

@stevesong @teleyinex some details on the China connection

Mar 27, 15

Boom! React Native is out. Time to change the game

Mar 26, 15

The secret letters in my quote are "u" and "c" in case you're wondering.

Mar 23, 15

The Future of Open and How To Stop It

Mar 23, 15

@helenturvey @stevesong @ShuttleworthFdn Thanks for that, Helen. Really helpful, and a brilliant approach.

Mar 23, 15

The morality of 'openness' from @stevesong HT @HeatherLeson
Excellent: why focusing on 'open' might be missing the point “@meowtree: The morality of 'openness' from @stevesong
#OpenGov should be about building trust great post on openness by @stevesong #OpenDev via @meowtree
RT @longhotsummer: Evolution of "Open": Open Data might not be the most effective way to build trust with government.

Mar 20, 15

"openness is a means to an end, it is not the endgame.  Trust is the endgame."

Mar 18, 15

The circuit-breaker pattern is crucial for helping with partial failures. @Jon_Moore #OReillySACon Great impl:

Mar 18, 15

XPRIZE Launches Spinoff to Fix More of Humanity’s Problems via @WIRED

Mar 16, 15

Kuner on Data Nationalism and Its Discontents. #Privacy #EUdataP

Mar 15, 15

Comments received on Consultation on Repurposing the #600MHz Band now online: #CDNTV #CDNpoli

Mar 07, 15

The @parisreview's interview archive is one of the world's great online treasures:

Mar 06, 15

For any Zero History fans with a yen to know even more about my "secret pants" side, here's a denim otaku site:

Mar 06, 15

@anjakovacs @stevesong @pranesh_prakash I loved what Amy did with those coloured girls

Mar 05, 15

Open Access Infrastructure & the Cost of Mistrust. @stevesong nails it, again. We need clearer SLAs from telcos.

Mar 04, 15

@stevesong As does @ricardo_hausman an economist as part of an interesting piece here:

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