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Apr 17, 15

Could be helpful: an open source Git extension for versioning large files.

Apr 14, 15

Nokia in talks to buy Alcatel-Lucent

Apr 09, 15

The only time in my life I will be grouped with Einstein. Or Kalashnikov.

Apr 07, 15

Please comment on our blog if you have questions for us about our Video as Evidence series.

Apr 07, 15

@stevesong Nice. Here's a bit more eyeball friendly take

Apr 02, 15

Why the Roomba is the world's most-hacked robot:

Apr 02, 15

Like @stevesong thoughts here -->How to Think About Universal Access
How to Think About Universal Access via @stevesong

Apr 01, 15

Why Simplicity Matters: A Hardware Perspective. (video + slides)

Mar 30, 15

Slides from #AgileIndia2015 now loaded

Mar 30, 15

As an aside, if you haven't seen this season's Archer computer screen easter egg, check this out: < Brilliant.

Mar 28, 15

@stevesong @teleyinex some details on the China connection

Mar 27, 15

Boom! React Native is out. Time to change the game

Mar 26, 15

The secret letters in my quote are "u" and "c" in case you're wondering.

Mar 23, 15

The Future of Open and How To Stop It

Mar 23, 15

@helenturvey @stevesong @ShuttleworthFdn Thanks for that, Helen. Really helpful, and a brilliant approach.

Mar 23, 15

The morality of 'openness' from @stevesong HT @HeatherLeson
Excellent: why focusing on 'open' might be missing the point “@meowtree: The morality of 'openness' from @stevesong
#OpenGov should be about building trust great post on openness by @stevesong #OpenDev via @meowtree
RT @longhotsummer: Evolution of "Open": Open Data might not be the most effective way to build trust with government.

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