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Steve Song

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May 24, 15

@stevesong Did you know you can file baggage complaints about @AirCanada service w Transport Canada?

May 15, 15

bigdata research often fails b/c it's supported by a positivist ideology poorly equipped to describe the social world

May 14, 15

.@thehill has @evanmengstrom talking about why startups need competition in mobile broadband:

May 09, 15

Unlike @mashable @verge @TIME @arstechnica @techreview, actual results of the FB study, not its spin, in the @nymag:

May 08, 15

out today: The Book of Phoenix | Nnedi Okorafor @stevesong

May 08, 15

“How Facebook’s Algorithm Suppresses Content Diversity (Modestly) & How the Newsfeed Rules the Clicks” by @zeynep

May 07, 15

Study on unlicensed frequencies in UK.

May 05, 15

Interesting: Nigeria’s Wifi Dot Com Launches Teleport US IP Address Over Wifi #1stReads for @stevesong @msummer

May 05, 15

#FOC15 session on community wireless projects: Read @stevesong's post on licencing

May 04, 15

New Tech Podcast on iTunes for All the Important News Across Africa

May 01, 15

@avilarenata both of those apps log data for sharing.. SnoopSnitch especially is the best with their GSM Map project:

May 01, 15

Thank you @michael_nielsen for explaining to me How the Bitcoin protocol actually works

May 01, 15

.@Sulliview with some truly excellent advice: ”Everything I Know About Journalism in 395 Words”

Apr 28, 15

Bifocal safety goggles

Apr 26, 15

Hands down the most amazing data visualisation of bird migration I’ve ever seen.

Apr 26, 15

.@stevesong for - a daily renewable source of inspiration
@clerkendweller @StephanFreeman

Apr 21, 15

Very interesting insights on #Internet access & #adoption at micro-level in #Ghana from @linnetelwin cc @stevesong

Apr 17, 15

Could be helpful: an open source Git extension for versioning large files.

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