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Steve Song

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about 7 hours ago

Help me, I'm stuck inside a pea whistle! amazing steganography by @windyoona

about 7 hours ago

Govt throwing OpenData 'over the fence' and thinking that's okay isn't necessarily just a developing world problem.

about 7 hours ago

What have 10 yrs and $850M+ of experience taught us about #impinv? Read our #FrontierCapital Report

Oct 07, 15

“Traditional Economics Don’t Make Sense For Open Business Models” by @pgstacey

Oct 05, 15

@stevesong The real Internet is not wires and servers, it is people reaching out to connect with each other #idsb10

Oct 05, 15

@stevesong This is just me expressing how "honest" I am about that comment.

Oct 03, 15

Go #GoogleGhana! #abundant #access Fibre And Other Laws of Infrastructure

Oct 01, 15

Miila and the Geeks' “Trouble" is todays Punk video. More splendid noise from Japan.

Sep 29, 15

Our report on rural digital divides is getting attention: @dotrural @oiioxford @MediaInfoMSU

Sep 29, 15

Thoughtful piece by alum @stevesong on universal internet access and the minefield it has become.

Sep 24, 15

Computer science program committees have appointed themselves as ethical arbiters. This is problematic. See Sec 3 of

Sep 23, 15

just learned about wikidata from @johl and LOOK AT THESE COOL QUERIES YOU CAN DO

Sep 22, 15

I was prepared to dislike this, but am happy to say I was wrong: Nordhaus's article is stimulating (& generous)

Sep 18, 15

Must-read 2014 post by @stevesong arguing #NetNeutrality debates in African countries can't be the same as in USA.

Sep 03, 15

Exciting new book. Obfuscation by Finn Bruton and Helen Nissembaum

Sep 03, 15

An insightful piece by @stevesong on Net Neutrality. Please read it: #afrisig2015

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