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Steve Song

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about 5 hours ago

ICYMI great piece on tech-sensing emotion from faces by @raffiwriter covers all angles

about 5 hours ago

Spot on!!! > FCC's new #NetNeutrality rules miss the real problem: no competition, says prof @vishalmisra

Feb 26, 15

.@headhntr on threat modeling and intel agencies. TL;DR: he's pretty good at security.

Feb 26, 15

A high resolution map of The Black Swan can be dowloaded here

Feb 25, 15

“M4D: Money, Sex and Facebook” my presentation to the London #ICT4D meetup group now up on bloggy

Feb 23, 15

Very interesting take/critique of #Maker culture HT @ludost11

Feb 23, 15

Will new challengers disrupt the mobile phone market in 2015? #Africa #Technology

Feb 22, 15

“Corporations adopt neo-Taylorist policies of observation & standardization to extract efficient robotic labor”

Feb 21, 15

@stevesong oblig @Neilyoung (and @DeAndreFabrizio ) Even breakfast is political, apparently.

Feb 19, 15

US wireless: After the spectrum rush - via @FT

Feb 18, 15

@stevesong @9600 This may help. Unfortunately a .doc file from 2003, but I don't think the majority has changed.

Feb 16, 15

WATCH Why do mirrors flip+ things horizontally (but not+ vertically)? #via @ScienceAlert #MysteryExplained

Feb 12, 15

Brilliant -> Black photographers turn tables on township tours; snap whites in their natural habitat at @missmillib

Feb 05, 15

Wow! @stevesong is right: #opendata and #opengov is about trust #1stReads

Feb 03, 15

Great @stevesong article on #trust, #open and the future of openness

Jan 30, 15

1.3B smartphones sold in 2014. 81% Android, 15% iOS, 3% Windows // Absolutely insane numbers.

Jan 28, 15

Crypto nerds! Any opinions on IBM's new Identity Mixer thingy?

Jan 27, 15

Cable: users don't use higher speed tiers. @projectbismark sees similar. - /cc @jlivingood

Jan 26, 15

So, I only ever made it into the trailer but this was my 15 secs of fame with one of my personal heroes @gilbertogil

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