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Steve Song

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Aug 22, 15

Hackpad open sourced.

Aug 22, 15

@stevesong Awesome. Africa changing.Great maps from u & Liquic Telecom

Aug 20, 15

Development Square is a global network of hardware and software developers, designers, managers & owners

Aug 13, 15

Does Info Lead to More Active Citizenship? Evidence from Education Intervention in Rural Kenya #BuntwaniChat

Aug 10, 15

Is "trust" the new "open"? @OpenMatt chats with @stevesong #TheOpenOrg

Aug 05, 15

Why internet is slow everywhere in Africa #1stReads for @africatechie @oafrica @stevesong @kenyanpundit

Jul 31, 15

Facebook and Other Tech Giants Expand Internet Access in Africa with some nice comments from @stevesong FTW!

Jul 31, 15

My response to @h0d3r's important piece on "the Web We Have to Save". "The Web of Relationships We have to Save."

Jul 29, 15

One of our employees got to be on the @algonquincolleg #Alumni Spotlight – Alicia Puritt | Business Blog

Jul 29, 15

.@CityTshwane Free WiFi now at 15mbps - Times LIVE via @TimesLIVE @TshwaneFreeWifi @MayorOfTshwane

Jul 28, 15

Facebook, Google, & Microsoft expand into Africa with praise for Google fibre from @nsrcworld's @stevesong

Jul 27, 15

Facebook and Other Tech Giants Expand Internet Access in Africa wait for the @stevesong quote at the end!

Jul 21, 15

So true, @stevesong >> The hidden value of trust at work #Open

Jul 16, 15

@asiet_lat @pablobello #clt15 Recomendable en este tema el artículo de @stevesong How to think about universal access

Jul 15, 15

What the hell do you mean you've never seen @stevesong's GIF of Africa's undersea cables?!

Jul 09, 15

How unpredictability rises faster and faster with dimensionality: add one variable to 100 and error doubles.

Jul 03, 15

Maybe time 2 experiment w/ #liquiddemocracy and granular delegation within project frameworks

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