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  • vissar, G. (2012). Inclusive Education in Israel from a Curriculum Perspective: An Exploratory Study. European Journal Of Special Needs Education, 27(1), 35-49

  • did not translated to substantial changes in their schools.
  • more effective to infuse ideas into a system directly than to take people out of a system to teach them
  • frustration upon returning to their jobs

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  • Being under hypnosis doesn’t magically bestow any new skills, but it can put people into a state where they have full and unrestricted access to their best internal resources. What new endeavors might you be able to take on if you were hypnotized to belief with absolute certainty that you would succeed at them?

  • When performing, the smart thing to do is ask for the year first, work out the year code as needed (including whether a leap adjustment will be needed), and only then ask for the specific date.

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  • I was with Lucas and my wife, Anne, in our kitchen recently. It was one of  those beautiful spring days when I felt lucky to be alive and enjoying the day  together with them.


    I said, "I just feel so happy, maybe I should pinch myself to make sure I'm  not dreaming."




    Lucas replied, "Daddy, never pinch yourself when you're happy."

  • "Daddy, never pinch yourself when you're happy."
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