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  • Most people embarking on a memoir are paralyzed by the size of the task. What to put in? What to leave out? Where to start? Where to stop? How to shape the story? The past looms over them in a thousand fragments, defying them to impose on it some kind of order. Because of that anxiety, many memoirs linger for years half written, or never get written at all.

    What can be done?

  • the schools' teachers and administrators were so offended by Williams' essay that they began a campaign of harassmentkicking her out of class and trying to suspend her—that ultimately forced her parents to withdraw her from the school
  • power to dictate what I can, cannot, and will learn, only desiring that I may get bored because of the inconsistency and the mismanagement of the classroom."
  • not much has changed since the time of Douglass

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  • Rites of passage are an unavoidable part of life.
  • “Propose your dissertation idea as early as possible,”
  • The best approach to writing a thesis or dissertation? Think early and think often.

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  • Laptop: Thinkpad X200
  • two different batteries for the ThinkPad
  • backup drive at the office

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  • While writing my most recent novel, I was working full-time, going to school at UCLA and training for a 50 kilometer footrace. I also slept, ate, saw friends, posted on Twitter and Facebook, blogged, belonged to a book club and watched a number of “Mythbusters” episodes.
  • “How do you write enough?” The truth is I plan. I plan extensively. I have a spreadsheet. People don’t seem to believe this,
  • Divide probable word count (a little over 100,000) by number of days to get words-per-day. In this case, it’s 2,000. I ask myself “Is that reasonable for me?” In my case, it is. Every writer is different, and it’s not much help to lie to yourself.

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